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February 6, 2017 <br /> I ELECTRONIC METER EXCHANGE <br /> 1. OVERVIEW <br /> A. What we are doing <br /> i. Inherited meters from Kodiak Electric Association (KEA); KEA upgraded to <br /> Automatic Meter Reading(AMR).We paid the shipping from KEA to Seward- <br /> $2,573.00.To purchase the meters it would have been more than $300,000. <br /> ii. These meters are electronic meters,which mean they communicate wirelessly <br /> with a handheld device. No more manual input. <br /> iii. Cost savings in the future for meter reading. (We pay about$5,000.00/mth at <br /> the moment) <br /> iv. Benefit to the finance department because it will streamline meter data entry <br /> which means less information needed to learn/know about metering <br /> B. How we intend to do it <br /> i. Hire National metering and technical services: IBEW affiliated,are familiar with <br /> these meters. ($162,440.00) <br /> ii. One month duration,around meter reading time <br /> C. Propose to pay for by the Chugach Electric refund ($179,923.00). These monies are <br /> intended to be used for one time capital projects;which would apply to this. <br /> 2. IMPACTS AND BENEFITS TO RATEPAYERS <br /> A. Approximately 5-Min outage <br /> B. Reduces human error in data collection <br /> C. Meter reader will no longer have to estimate due to poor weather conditions, <br /> aggressive animals or inaccessibility <br /> 3. POSSIBLE ADDITIONAL COSTS <br /> A. Electrician <br /> i. Out for bid <br /> ii. On-call, must respond within 1 hour <br /> iii. Make sure anybody who is qualified is aware of the request for bids <br /> B. Communications <br />