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City of Seward,Alaska City Council Minutes <br /> Apri110, 2017 Volume 40, Page 206 <br /> orders authorized since the last meeting between$10,000 and $50,000. <br /> Long stated administration was reexamining the timeline for the electric meter exchange <br /> project and was now looking at alternate dates,emphasizing the city wanted to do this project well <br /> rather than quickly. He noted the city's audit schedule was included in the manager's report in <br /> council's packet. Long announced the State had awarded the city's road project bid to Knik <br /> Construction, so the city would be working to add their additional pieces in to the scope of work. <br /> Long stated that, regarding noise ordinances, there was a provision in code for the City <br /> Manager to grant a waiver to allow breaking the ordinance, but it had to be specific to time and <br /> place. It was not a blanket waiver, and in the past they had issued waivers for lot sweeping to <br /> Safeway. Any other activity not accompanied by a waiver was a violation. <br /> McClure requested from administration that when the power went out to please send an email <br /> to council letting them know the cause.They received many calls and McClure wanted to be able to <br /> have some response. <br /> Squires asked Long if they could put out a public notice on these types of noise waivers. <br /> Casagranda asked about the Historic Preservation grant that was on tonight's agenda, <br /> specifically about the procurement process to seek someone to edit the Historic Preservation Plan. <br /> Long said staff and the Historic Preservation Commission wanted to get this grant moving quickly <br /> and noted the resolution preauthorized the acceptance prior to application.An informal quote process <br /> on the administrative side would be performed in addition to developing the scope of work. <br /> City Attorney Report. Will Earnhart said the city's brief on the Orion Litigation was <br /> almost finished and he felt optimistic the decision would be upheld. They continued to advise and <br /> participate in negotiations to protect the City's interests regarding the Bradley Lake agreements.The <br /> Attorney provided advice and work on lease assignments and working on land use guidelines for <br /> land procedures. His firm was going through about 50 boxes of city documents inherited from the <br /> old firm. Earnhart noted he provided to council some old articles on strong manager form of <br /> government and the role of mayor in this form of government. He finished with a comment to the <br /> public: the role of the attorney was to advise on legality. Unless the council had asked him to <br /> perform an investigation,it was his responsibility to take facts as presented and advise on the facts <br /> alone. He was not here to voice an opinion on who was right or who was wrong, and they were <br /> working through the issues of what was administrative or legislative. <br /> Casagranda said because the body had decided no one council member could contact the <br /> attorney directly, she presented a memorandtim to the attorney in response to a recent attorney <br /> opinion. She also provided a confidential memorandum to the attorney. <br /> Other Reports, Announcements and Presentations—None <br /> PUBLIC HEARINGS—None <br /> UNFINISHED BUSINESS—None <br />