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City of Seward, Alaska City Council Minutes <br /> August 14, 2017 Volume 40, Page 254 <br /> In response to Bardarson,Hunt said the next electric rate study/adjustment would be October. <br /> Electric Utilities Manager John Foutz said Mr.Hubbard,the contractor who provided the first rate <br /> study,was scheduled to attend the September 11,2017 council meeting. Foutz said Hubbard would <br /> be reviewing the rates to analyze for proposing adjustments, reviewing the seasonal rates and <br /> analyzing how well those changes had worked, and lastly, presenting three options for council's <br /> consideration:adjust the energy charge,return to the pre-seasonal rate structure,or increase the base <br /> charge and lower the energy charge.Foutz' impression was that the third option would potentially be <br /> the most viable. <br /> McClure asked if the bird diverters would be reused elsewhere when the lines at the lagoon <br /> came down, and Foutz said they would do everything they could to reuse them. <br /> In response to Keil,Hunt said there was a social media policy in place for the city.Keil asked <br /> for administration to distribute that to council. <br /> Casagranda asked if administration considered having an internal audit conducted.Assistant <br /> City Manager Ron Long said investigations for personnel matters were handled internally. Long <br /> said,with only one exception,the investigations conducted all resulted in no wrong-doing findings. <br /> Casagranda requested administration include a brief introduction of new employees when <br /> someone was hired. Long announced in Community Development,Jackie Wilde was the new City <br /> Planner,and Amy Lui was the new Planning Technician.As well,for Administration,Latesha Layne <br /> had been hired as the Executive Liaison,and in the Library/Museum,Heather Bardarson was hired as <br /> the Program Technician. <br /> City Attorney Report. Will Earnhart said last month had been fairly slow. Earnhart had <br /> addressed some out-of-state public records requests, and worked on an engineering contract. <br /> Earnhart said he would be working with Foutz in the future for electric utility issues,particularly the <br /> Bradley Lake expansion. Regarding a social media policy, Earnhart offered to work with <br /> administration. <br /> Earnhart provided his annual goals to the City Clerk as requested by council. <br /> Other Reports, Announcements and Presentations <br /> PUBLIC HEARINGS <br /> Resolution 2017-042,Approving A Lease Agreement For Up To One Year With Exit Marine, <br /> LLC For Land At The Seward Marine Industrial Center. <br /> Motion (Keil/Casagranda) Approve Resolution 2017-042 <br /> Long said there weren't very many one-year leases, but this one was necessary to allow for <br /> proper platting and to iron out details for a longer-term lease to come in one year. Regis said Exit <br /> Marine, LLC was currently working on a vessel at SMIC and wanted to invest in that area. Regis <br />