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SEWARD PORT AND COMMERCE ADVISORY BOARD <br />RegularMeeting <br />January 3, 2018 12:00 PMCouncil Chambers <br />Darryl Schaefermeyer <br />CALL TO ORDER <br />Chair <br />Term Expires 07/2018 <br />PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE <br />Christy Terry <br />Vice Chair <br />ROLL CALL <br />Term Expires 07/2019 <br />SPECIAL ORDERS, PRESENTATIONS AND <br />Bruce Jaffa <br />REPORTS <br />Board Member <br />Term Expires 07/2018 <br />AKRR - Christy Terry <br />Carl Hughes <br />ChamberReport-CindyClock <br />Board Member <br />Harbormaster Report -Norm Regis <br />Term Expires 07/2020 <br />Administration - Ron Long <br />Brooke Andrews <br />Board Member <br />Citizens' comments on any subject except those items <br />Term Expires 07/2018 <br />scheduled for public hearing.\[Thosewhohavesignedin <br />will be given the first opportunity to speak. Time is limited <br />Colby Lawrence <br />to 2 minutes perspeakerand 30 minutes totaltime for this <br />Board Member <br />agenda item.\] <br />Term Expires 07/2019 <br />Laura Schneider <br />Approvalofagendaandconsentagenda\[Approval <br />Board Member <br />ofConsentAgendapassesallroutineitemsindicated <br />Term Expires 07/2018 <br />byasterisk(*). Consent Agenda items arenot <br />consideredseparatelyunlessaBoardMemberso <br />Jim Hunt <br />City Manager <br />requests. In theevent of such a request, the itemis <br />returnedtotheRegularAgenda.\] <br />Ron Long <br />Assistant City Manager <br />Norm Regis <br />Harbor Master <br />Latesha Layne <br />Executive Liaison <br />City of Seward, Alaska PACAB Agenda <br />January 3, 2018 Page 1 <br />1 <br />