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Table 3-2 <br />Legacy P Review <br />and Update <br />Needs Determination <br />planning <br />Planning process <br />fill, Complete <br />Mone <br />Refine plan <br />Planning team will <br />Process <br />obligations <br />annual 1-'fmp <br />maintenance <br />begin to hold <br />Successes <br />review <br />Processes and <br />annual review <br />Planning teatil <br />Nl': integrate any <br />responsibilities <br />ntectings <br />membership <br />legacy 1 -IMP <br />Strive to integrate <br />Mitigation resource <br />corri7olle.ills <br />l -IMP <br />list <br />into Other <br />initiatives into <br />(continue. Public <br />planlaing <br />other pLalining <br />outreach <br />inechailisnis <br />anechan.isnis <br />initiatives <br />or- initiatives <br />HMP ititegration <br />NF: Continue <br />initiatives into <br />public <br />either planniifg <br />involvement <br />niechan:isnls <br />dieing five - <br />Plan Maintenance <br />'Fear life cycle <br />' <br />.... <br />Activities <br />_............ <br />Iliizard Profile <br />._______....... .. ..... .__.. <br />flpfaate hazard <br />..,...._._...—....._._...._..�.. <br />NY': Update <br />.,........... ._. <br />Mitigation piaalects <br />... <br />Identify ne% liaazards <br />___.____...... ._...... <br />Define n a4' actions <br />f f}adate <br />profile and ne" <br />hazard profile <br />i dial were; <br />Update hazards" <br />within die <br />event history <br />and new <br />deleted or <br />impacts <br />MAI) <br />Profile newV1.v <br />event history <br />combined dtie <br />Detemline <br />ideinified. Wizard <br />it) similarity <br />millgalroll. <br />1"]Sks <br />protect sta.lus as: <br />deleted, deterred, <br />or conibi:ned <br />Develop new; NIAP <br />Risk Analysis' <br />Asset inveatom <br />Nt': lrieintifv <br />None <br />Develop asset <br />Fill daattai gaps <br />and <br />Vulnerability <br />development <br />iliventoi"v <br />Locate ;scientific <br />Villneralbility <br />analysis & <br />and land rise <br />Deterilliile <br />information to <br />Assessment <br />Slantrialles <br />changes <br />inf"rastra:lctUrC <br />augment these <br />iulllerabilities <br />data. <br />Deterriiine <br />Delineate climate <br />residential' <br />change impacts <br />structure <br />to <br />'kLdIterabili.ties <br />a all.rastructilre <br />fdenlif`Y repetitive <br />loss properties as <br />.... _ ... _____ <br />w."—_........w.�._. ...._....... <br />appropr'ia'te <br />'.. <br />Mitigation <br />Determine e:siistina <br />NF: laid riot track <br />Delete completed,. <br />l eg<acv (2010) & IMP <br />Airivally review <br />strateg.4' <br />linitlganti,on <br />project <br />combined, of <br />MAP initiatives' <br />11CtiCrll,'s <br />aclions progress <br />iniplcm4lltatl <br />deleted actions <br />status„ <br />progress. <br />and cl¢rrent <br />on processes <br />Implemented & 1 <br />ldentiN new <br />status_ and <br />status <br />or pWgres'.s <br />noir-relevallt <br />trlitlliallon <br />feasibdity <br />Define nntigatiori <br />mitigationauctions <br />for newly <br />aCt.lon. <br />action" <br />identified haaza:rd <br />implementation <br />invpleniernatioil <br />iarleec";1ie' Or <br />Develop cominuliny <br />balxiers <br />specific <br />capability <br />_.....__._ <br />— . <br />alssessinell4s p <br />F.Fialfllled <br />NF; Not Fuffilled <br />_ ... �.._ <br />__. <br />_ .—.._.....__.._ <br />........... .._ <br />