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/ 6/ 0224, S <br /> P : t y,v" As h. t 13 ei- Cw A <br /> Jt <br /> �usf,►i <br /> COMPARISON OF CITY CODE AND THE PUBLIC EMPLOYEES RELATIONS ACT <br /> SEWARD CITY CODE AND PERA(AS 23.40) <br /> CHARTER <br /> What authority governs the Seward City Council The Alaska Labor Relations Board <br /> rules for union organizing, and determines appropriate determines appropriate bargaining units, <br /> resolving related disputes? bargaining units based administers representation elections, and <br /> on desires of the resolves unfair labor practice charges. <br /> employees and avoiding <br /> unnecessary The Alaska Labor Relations Agency <br /> fragmentation consists of: <br /> (3.65.025) • Two management representatives <br /> • Two labor representatives <br /> • Two members of the general <br /> public <br /> No more than three members can be from <br /> the same political party(AS 23.05.360) <br /> Appropriate bargaining unit is based on <br /> "such factors as community of interest, <br /> wages, hours, and other working <br /> conditions of the employees involved, the <br /> history of collective bargaining, and the <br /> desires of the employees. Bargaining <br /> units shall be as large as is reasonable and <br /> unnecessary fragmentation shall be <br /> avoided." (AS 23.40.090) <br /> Does the employee have an Employees can decide Right of Nonassociation (8 AAC 97.305- <br /> obligation to join a Union? whether they want to be 320) <br /> covered by the collective • Escrow account(8 AAC 97.305) <br /> bargaining agreement or • Religious objectors(8 AAC 97.310) <br /> by city code (3.65.010) o Dues go to charitable <br /> organization <br /> • Fee Objectors (8 AAC 97.320) <br /> o Right to object to <br /> payment of amounts <br /> unrelated to collective <br /> bargaining or contract <br /> administration <br /> o Right to request financial <br /> statements reviewed by <br /> an auditor and list of <br /> chargeable/nonchargeabl <br /> e expenditures <br /> o Decision by impartial <br /> decisionmaker <br />