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City of Seward,Alaska Historic Preservation Commission Minutes <br /> January 21, 2015 Volume 3, Page 2 <br /> changed and has not heard anything new, except that the budget has been split between each <br /> commission and that the estimated budget is $3,000. <br /> Erickson asked when next meeting will be that Commission could vote on hiring the part-time <br /> position. Kingsland said April was the next scheduled meeting but special meetings can be called <br /> in order to vote on specific items. <br /> Other Reports, Announcements and Presentations - None <br /> Citizens' comments on agenda items not scheduled for public hearing and other items not <br /> included on the agenda. <br /> None <br /> Approval of Agenda and Consent Agenda <br /> Motion (Approved with amendment to add Commissioner Roach' to roll) <br /> Approve the Agenda <br /> There were no consent agenda items. <br /> Motion Passed Chair Lasota, Roach, Erickson, <br /> Hepworth,Kurtz <br /> Public Hearings -None <br /> Unfinished Business <br /> Chair Lasota asked that the 2015 priorities list be added to April meeting agenda. <br /> HP Commission planned to meet with City Council on Monday January 26, 2015 for a work <br /> session to present the 2015 priorities list and give an update on 2014 CLG grant. Chair Lasota <br /> said that in the past these meetings have lasted about 10 to 15 minutes with Council members, <br /> and that it was very informal. Kurtz asked if HP would be the only commission there, and <br /> Kingsland clarified that they would. Chair Lasota also stated that this meeting does not require a <br /> quorum, and only one commissioner was meant to be there. <br /> Chair Lasota asked that Administration forward priorities list to Commission via email. Chair <br /> Lasota also asked if Administration had received list from Kerry Martin. Kingsland said she had <br /> not and that if the Commission contacted him directly they would likely get a more timely <br /> response. <br /> New Business <br /> Approve November 19,2014 minutes <br /> Minutes approved with inclusion of Commissioner Sandie Roach' to roll. <br /> Motion (Approved with amendment) Approve the Agenda <br />