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<br />I <br /> <br />RESOLUTION ]'m. 61 <br /> <br />2 <br /> <br />A HESOLUTION TO SUBMIT THE ~UESTION elF ANNEXATION TO fHE <br />~LECTOHS OF THE CITY OF SEVi;ARD. <br /> <br />3 <br /> <br />WHEREAS pursuant to a petition filed in the District Court of Alaska, <br />Third DivislOn, the District Jud?e ordered that an election be held by the city <br />of Seward on the 24th day of AUfust, 1954 upon the question as to whether or <br />not the territory known as CLEAR VIEW SUBDIVISION should be annexed to <br />the city of Seward and further ordered that notice of such election shall be <br />riven for a period of four weeks prior to said election, NOW THEREFOHE, <br /> <br />4 <br /> <br />5 <br /> <br />6 <br /> <br />7 <br /> <br />BE IT RESOL VED BY THE COMl\tl0N COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF <br />SEWARD, ALASKA: <br /> <br />8 <br /> <br />That the question of whether or not the territory known as CLEARVIEW <br />SU BDIVISION should be annexed to the city of Seward, Alaska shaH be sub- <br />mitted to the electors of Seward, Alaska at a special election on tne 24th day <br />of Au~ust, 1954 and the lV1unicipal Clerk is hereby authorized and instructed <br />to post a notice of sald special election in three public places within the city <br />of Seward in accordance with the provisiOns of the ordinances of the city and <br />in addition thereto specifying the narr,es of the judges and clerks of said elec- <br />13 . tion as follows: <br /> <br />9 <br /> <br />10 <br /> <br />11 <br /> <br />12 <br /> <br />14 <br />15 <br /> <br />Judp:es of Election: <br />L. ,{usseU Clapp (Inspector) <br />lV'ildred E. Kirkpatrick <br />Eda 1\Ilvers <br />.. <br /> <br />16 <br /> <br />17 <br /> <br />Clerks: <br />Bonnylin Southard <br />Lenore Robbins <br /> <br />18 <br /> <br />19 <br />20 <br />21 <br /> <br />DATE 0 this '- Ylkl)day of July, 1954. <br /> <br />A~~L__- <br /> <br />22 <br /> <br />23 <br /> <br />24 <br /> <br /> <br />25 <br /> <br />26 <br />27 <br /> <br />28 <br /> <br />29 <br />30 <br /> <br />31 <br />32 <br />