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<br />r -----~ <br /> <br />Law OHices <br />Hellenthal, Hellenthal <br />and Cotti. <br />Anchorage - Juneau <br />Alaska <br /> <br />B~fUllb Tl-L:; CIT'iT COUNCIl, Ol~l TE~ CITY Of 3E~'Jfu~D, Al~~KA <br /> <br />) <br />) <br />\ <br />) <br />) <br />) <br />\ <br />) <br /> <br />REJ()LUT'Iv1J 1:0.7 r IlliJEC'l'IHG APlLICATIGN AIm <br />LA1<:LiG F'LWL,GS CJF' FACT 'J.:JJ C3HT;UIS C'~ <CLU:3IC;:S <br /> <br />In the J.:atter of the January, 1955, <br />Application of ietitioner, ALASKA <br />'I'l!:LEPHOlJE CORl'ORATIuU, for a 'I'ele:,hone <br />Rate Adjustment. <br /> <br />Pursuant to written request for adjustment in telephone rates con- <br /> <br />tained in letter dated Janua.ry 28, 1955, addressed to the Honorable City Coun- <br /> <br />cil of the City of Seward from Alaska Telephone Corporation, hereinafter termed <br /> <br />Petitionpr, (City's Exhibit A) and pursuant to Permanent Injunction dated <br /> <br />January 25, 1955, granted in Cause No. A-9280 in the District Court. for the <br /> <br />lJistrict of Alaska, Third Division at Anchorage, entitled Town of Seward vs. <br /> <br />Alaska Telerhone Corporation (. City .Kxhibit C), a he"ring was held before the <br /> <br />City Council of the City of Seward at 8 o'clock p.m., honday, February 21, 1955, <br /> <br />in the council chambers after notice thereof' had been posted in accordance "lith <br /> <br />Section 4 (d) of Ordinance 205 of th~ City of Seward, passed and ap},.;roved Nov- <br /> <br />ember 24, 1950. <br /> <br />Present at said hearing were a quorum of the City Council, Hr. idward <br /> <br />Arnell, attorney, Anchorat!;e, Alaska, representinG Alaslm Teler:.hone Corporation, <br /> <br />j.~. Elton B. Jones, Seattle, Washington, Secretary-Treasurer anidirector of <br /> <br />Alaska Telephone Corporation, and attorney for Alaska Telephone Corporation; <br /> <br />Albert J. Proctor, Seattle, WashinIC;ton, President and director of Alaska Tele- <br /> <br />phone Corporation and George L. Hull, of Seattle, Washington, certified public <br /> <br />accountant for Alaska Telephone Corporation. <br /> <br />Also present, on behalf of the City of Seward, were Jorn S. Hellenthal, <br /> <br />of the firm of Hellenthal, Hellenthal & Cottis, attorneys representing the City <br /> <br />of Seward; ~~. Anthony Van Seventer, certified public accountant, engaged by the <br /> <br />City of Seward, Mr. J. W. Bauler of the Alaska Engineering Associates, tele- <br /> <br />phone engineering consultcmts for the City of Seward and Hr. Raymond O'Hara, <br /> <br />Cit~T Eanager of the City of Seward. <br /> <br />A transcript of the proceedings was made by tape recorder and by <br /> <br />stipulation a copy of' the tape v,as furnished to the Cit=" of Seward; a <br /> <br />T'an;e -1- <br />