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<br />CITY OF SEWARD <br /> <br />GATEWAY TO INTERIOR ALASKA <br /> <br />SEWARD. ALASKA <br /> <br />OFFICE OF, <br /> <br />August 8, 1956 <br /> <br />NOTICE <br /> <br />The City Council of the City of Seward, Alaska has fixed <br />the rate of Tax Levy for the year 1955 - 1956 as follows: <br /> <br />Real Property <br /> <br />l6 Mills <br /> <br />Personal Property. <br /> <br />26 Mills <br /> <br />The taxes are now due and if paid on or before September <br />15, 1956, there will be a 2~ discount allowed on the total <br />taxo <br /> <br />Taxes may be paid at City Hall to the City Assessor or <br />the City Clerk Monday through Friday from 9 o'clock A.M. <br />to 12 o'clock Noon and from 1 o'clock PoMo to 5 o'clock P.Mo <br />and on Saturday from 9 o'clock A.M. to 12 o'clock Noon. <br /> <br />The taxes will be delinquent on September 15. 1956, at 12 <br />o'clock Noon provided, however, that if one-half of the <br />assessed taxes shall have been paid on or before said 15th <br />day of September, the balance of the tax is not due until <br />March 15, 1957. <br /> <br />On all delinquent taxes a penalty shall be added, which <br />shall be a sum equal to interest, at the reate of 12% <br />per annum from the date of such delinquency until such time <br />taxes are paid. <br /> <br />~~ <br />MAR~T A DERroN <br />Ci ;~~f~rk <br />City of Seward <br />