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<br />r <br /> <br />~taEET ~E PERJqT <br /> <br />THIS STREE'! USE PEltMI'l' granted th1s ..:>-&J' day of ~~tJ, <br />1956 by the City ot Seward, a .\&Il1e1pal oOl'pOration ot tbe Territory <br />of Alaska, a1tuate wUhtn the Thtrd JwUo1al D1vislO1\ ot the Territory <br />of A.laslea, hereinafter called "Gnntorll, to S"1'AJfl)AJa) OIL COMPAlfY 0' <br />CALIPORIfIA. Ii Delaware corpol"at1c:M'l, hereinatter called "Orantee", <br /> <br />WIT N E I SET H. <br /> <br />Grantor has thIs day bargained and 801d, and by these presenta <br />doea bargaln, 1.11, convey. transter and deltver unto Grantee the <br />right and prhUege to enter upon thereat estate hereinafter des- <br />crIbed at any tl_ durlng the tena hereof that Grantee may see tit, <br />and conetruct. ..tnt81n and repair lIftCIeriJ"OUDd pipelines and/ol' matns <br />for the purpOSe of convel1ng petrole. produCU tbro. and under the <br />lands hereInafter deeol"lbed" togethel" with the rtght to excavate and <br />refIll ditches and/ol" trenehe. tor the looatlOft ot .ald pipelines and/or <br /> <br />nine. <br /> <br />The land artected 'by tb1e peN1 t 1. looated on a.al1 way A venue <br /> <br />ln the Clt)' of Sew.rd, 'l'elT1to17 of Al880. <br /> <br />'1'he rtpt aM pnvUes. .ftbr Iftftted co.,..... a strip of land <br /> <br />twelve (12) teet 1n w1dth over and &01"08' the above descrl_.d landl par- <br /> <br />tlcularly d..orlbed ~y ..tea and ~0un4a .. tollowa. <br /> <br />Commenolng at the Interaeotlon ot the we.tertJ bOYDd&ry <br />of 7th Avenue, extended With the souther11 bOYftdary of <br />Ratlw., AvnU<eJ thenCe ftoftheaaterlJ alons the southerly <br />botlftdal'7 ot bU.., Ave..., a dlatan08 of l~ feet to a <br />polnt, whi.h polat 1. the true polnt ot M&1111\11'1& for <br />this deaorlptlOft, then.. nortbeaater17 alone tbe southerly <br />boundary Oft Ral1.., Avenue, a diatanoe of 20 teet ~re or <br />lea., the..e nonherl.J alOft& the aO\l\herly 11ft. ot Ra11w81 <br />Avenue a dietanoe ot 65 teet .Ol"e or Ie.., thence ...terly <br />at rIght Baal.s B dl.tanoe ot 12 teet. tbeno. .outherly at <br />right Imsles a dlataftoe ot 92 feet IIOre or le.s to the <br />true poInt or begInning. <br /> <br />The tera of ~1. pe~lt ohall be twenty (20) yeara c~nc1ng <br /> <br />September I, 1956 and endIng Auguet 31, 1976. Thi' peralt 18 granted <br /> <br />1n considerat1on of an annual tee of fl.OO, the entire conaldel"atton <br /> <br />-1- <br />