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<br />I <br /> <br />I <br /> <br />I <br /> <br />Sponsored by: Janke <br /> <br />CITY OF SEWARD, ALASKA <br />RESOLUTION 2001-065 <br /> <br />A RESOLUTION OF THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF SEWARD, <br />ALASKA, AUTHORIZING THE CITY MANAGER TO ENTER INTO A <br />NEW LEASE AGREEMENT WITH POLAR EQUIPMENT, <br />INCORPORATED, DBA COOK INLET PROCESSING (LESSEE) FOR LOTS <br />2 AND 3, BLOCK 9, SEWARD MARINE INDUSTRIAL CENTER. <br /> <br />WHEREAS, LESSEE has been leasing a parcel of land since June 13, 1996, located at <br />Seward Marine Industrial Center (" SMIC"), an area of approximately 25,796 square feet more or <br />less, as more particularly described in Lease 085, as amended (the "Original Leased Land"); and, <br /> <br />WHEREAS, LESSEE desires to lease an additional parcel of land located at SMIC <br />consisting of approximately 81,665 square feet, more or less (the" Additional Leased Land", and <br />together with the Original Leased Land, the "Leased Land"); and, <br /> <br />WHEREAS, the City Council of CITY has determined that a lease of the Leased Land <br />approximately 107,449 square feet, more or less, to LESSEE for the purposes described herein <br />would be in the public interest; and, <br /> <br />WHEREAS, it is the intent of this LEASE to transfer from CITY to LESSEE the entire <br />burden of compliance with environmental regulations or controls with respect to LESSEE's <br />operations on the Leased Land and the operations of LESSEE's predecessors on the Original <br />Leased Land; and, <br /> <br />WHEREAS, the Lease is also intended to encourage increased fish processing and <br />employment at LESSEE's facility, which may increase fish tax receipts for the additional fisheries <br />resources processed within the City and provide other economic benefits to the community; and, <br /> <br />WHEREAS, it is in the public interest to promote continued and increased employment of <br />persons in the seafood processing industry because it will promote economic stability and <br />economic growth within the City and benefit the community through job growth and other related <br />economic impacts; and, <br /> <br />WHEREAS, the rent payment credits are to be an incentive to the LESSEE to further <br />expand production at its facilities and to maintain and increase employment opportunities within <br />the City in the seafood processing industry; and, <br />