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<br />242 <br /> <br />City of Seward, Alaska <br />January 14, 1998 <br /> <br />Pon and Commerce Advisory Board Minutes <br />Volume I, Pa~e 242 <br /> <br />Seward, US Forest Service, State of Alaska Division of Parks, and the National Park Service), the <br />scope, location, and justification for such an under-taking, and the project's current status, Harp <br />explained various funding issues, options, and possibilities, with additional clarification from <br />Schrock. The Group stressed that strong support from the City Council, and the community in <br />general, would be needed to bring about the successful completion of the project. Cline focused <br />her cornment5 on the conference center portion of the project and her planned marketing efforts. <br />Castellina and she also produced display boards showing the proposed floor plan of the facility, <br />and they explained the plan in detail. The Group took various questions froIll the Board and <br />members of the audience. Boardmembers expressed enthusiastic support for the concept and goals <br />of the multi-agency facility project. <br /> <br />Chairman Long resumed the order of business. <br /> <br />Dorothy Urhach - ARR/CBC. None. (excused) <br /> <br />Bob Satin - KPB/EDD. Satin briefed the Board on the recent activities and plans of the <br />Kenai Peninsula Borough Economic Development District. <br /> <br />Administration Report. In response to an ioquiry by Dunham, Tylan Schrock briefed <br />the Board on the City's recent discussions regarding future liquid natural ga'i (LNG) service to <br />Seward. He predicted that an invitation to potential suppliers, including ENSTAR and Alaska <br />Intrastate Gas, would again be forthcoming from the City to present their separate perspectives <br />to the citizens of the community in a public meeting. Sclll'ock further commented on various <br />subjects, including his upcoming trip to Juneau to meet with various legislators and other state <br />officials in support of Seward projects, his recent meeting with Alaska Railroad officials regarding <br />ARRC's strategy for dock expansion, the City's efforts to expedite ADOT's improvements to <br />Seward Highway Mile O~8, and the on-going recruitment process fOT a city manager. Long <br />queried Schrock regarding the status of prison expansion in Seward in light of recent negative <br />publicity . <br /> <br />Scott Ransom, Acting Harbonnaster, gave an update on the on-going effort by the Deferred <br />Maintenance Task Force of the Alaska Legislature to get legislation introduced appropriating funds <br />to deferred maintenance needs on state-owned facilities inclUding harbors. He also reported on <br />recent barge traffic and other future activity at the North Dock. In response to an inquiry from <br />Kasischke, Ransom briefed the Board on Cook Inlet Processing's request to enlarge their lease site <br />atSMIC. <br /> <br />CITIZENS' COMMENTS ON AGENDA ITEMS NOT SCHEDULED FOR PUBLIC <br />HEARING <br /> <br />MARGARET ANDERSON shared with the Board a newspaper article recently appearing <br />in the Washiniton Post that mentioned past lobbying efforts on behalf of Seward I s multi-agency <br />visitor facility, <br />