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<br />City of Seward, Alaska Port and Commerce Advisory Board Minutes <br />Volume 3, page 299 <br /> <br />KPB/EDD Representative Council member Dunham said the EDD has a I <br />new Director, John Parker. He encouraged the board to invite Mr. Parker to a <br />PACAB meeting. He said it would be nice to see if we can have a back haul on the <br />container ship that will be coming. Bencardino added that Representative Paul <br />Seaton was pushing the state to complete its projects before considering anymore. <br />Jordan asked about the Mile 0-8 projected completion date of 2005. He said the <br />Mile 18-23 is pushed so far ahead it would be at least 15 years. He said Seaton <br />would push for completion. Altermatt mentioned having someone from DOT for <br />the next business meeting in February to go over the road project. <br /> <br />ADMINISTRATIVE REPORT <br /> <br />Rick Gifford, Assistant City Manager reported that Council set a work <br />session for Monday January 19 with the Chamber to discuss marketing. He said at <br />the Council meeting on the 12th they would discuss harbor issues. State was here <br />regarding the airport master plan. He said there would be a meeting on the 15th to <br />discuss Mile 0-8 lighting on the road from Eagle (Grocery) to the three bridges. <br /> <br />Carl Stormer, Project Manager of Tryck, Nyman, Hayes (TNH) handed <br />out a January 7, 2004 "Status Report to Port and Commerce Advisory <br />Board rt;Jgarding the East Harbor Expansion, Phase I." He also handed out <br />drawings of the proposed project. He gave an overview of the project saying that <br />Phase I of the project will include the east harbor float system including utilities, I <br />relocation of 600 feet of the existing X float with new trestle and gangway, <br />relocation of the existing fuel dock, extension of J float and 50 foot stalls on F float. <br />He said the gangways would be the same as the North Harbor. Stormer's cost <br />estimates $4.6 and installing stalls on the south side of F floats, J <br />float extension, trestle, gangways, totaling $5.4. Stormer recommended using <br />Transpac as a sole source since at the time of the North Harbor Renovation they <br />were bid out as the best for the Seward harbor. He also suggested buying the <br />power pedestals from the same vendor. He asked for advice and guidance for <br />buying the materials. <br /> <br />In answer to a question regarding public input, Stormer explained that this <br />was the first part of the public process. He asked the board to forward any <br />thoughts and/or comments to the Harbormaster and he would forward them to <br />TNH. Beckham told the board that there would be public meetings on the project <br />and some will be held in Anchorage as well as Seward. <br /> <br />Beckham said Wilder was the apparent low bidder on the first phase of the <br />project but a contract had not been signed yet. Every phase of that planning and <br />development guide will have to come back to Council. He said the float dimensions <br />might change how we run utilities but the basic concept, number of stalls and fleet <br />mix is the same. He said he and TNH are looking for recommendations on that part <br />of the project. In answer to a question from Altermatt, Beckham said he hoped I <br />the decision on the floats would be resolved soon because it takes 8-9 months for <br />the fabrication of these floats. The board thanked TNH for coming to the meeting. <br />