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<br />2 <br /> <br />City of Seward, AlashJ <br />May 11,1994 <br /> <br />Historic Preservation Commission Minutes <br />Volume 1, Page 2 <br /> <br />Wiley nominated Seavey for Vice Chairman. Seavey nominated Wiley. Galvano <br />nominated Skibeness. Nominations were closed. <br /> <br />Ballots were distributed and the results were read aloud by Jones with Skibeness receiving <br />five votes, Seavey receiving two votes and Wiley receiving zero votes. <br /> <br />MOTION (Corrigan/Seavey) <br /> <br />Elect Skiheness as Vice Chairman. <br /> <br />Motion Passed. <br /> <br />Unanimous consent <br /> <br />CITIZENS' COMMENTS ON AGENDA ITEMS NOT SCHEDULED FOR PUBLIC <br />HEARING None <br /> <br />APPROVAL OF AGENDA AND CONSENT AGENDA <br /> <br />MOTION (Wiley/Corrigan) <br /> <br />Approve the Agenda and Consent Agenda <br /> <br />Martin moved items C (Historic Preservation Plan, Phase IT) and E (Jesse Lee Home <br />Historic Nomination) from the work session section to the Regular Meeting Agenda under New <br />Business. <br /> <br />VOTE ON APPROVAL OF AGENDA AND CONSENT AGENDA AS AMENDED. <br /> <br />Motion Passed. <br /> <br />Without objection <br /> <br />PRESENTATIONS WITH PRIOR NOTICE None <br /> <br />PUBLIC HEARINGS None <br /> <br />RESOLUTIONS None <br /> <br />UNFINISHED BUSINESS None <br /> <br />NEW BUSINESS <br /> <br />Establishment of Meeting Date. Time and Place. <br /> <br />The CommililSioners concurred that the regular meetings would be held on the third <br />Wednesday of each month at 7:30 p.m. in the City Council Chambers. <br /> <br />Commission Make UJ' and Duties. <br /> <br />Martin explained the requirements of the Certified Local Government status. He noted <br />that the requirements mandated that three of the commissioners must be professionals from the <br /> <br />I <br /> <br />I <br /> <br />I <br />