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<br />Seward Historic Preservation Commission <br />Resolution No. 25..:llii <br /> <br />4. The City Council will add the property to the local register by resolution. <br /> <br />Section 2. To be eligible for Seward Register of Historic Places consideration, the <br />site, building, property, or structure must meet the following criteria: <br /> <br />1. Has attained National Register status; or <br />2. At least fifty years of age or achieved exceptional historical significance within the <br />past 50 years, and <br />a. Associated with historical events or persons of local, state or national <br />significance; or <br />b. Embodies the distinctive characteristics of a type, period, or method of <br />construction, or that represents the work of a master, or that possess high <br />artistic values, or that represent a significant and distinguishable entity <br />whose components may lack individual distinction; or <br />c. Has yielded important prehistory or history information; or <br />d. Is a religious property with architectural or artistic distinction or historical <br />importance; or <br />e. Is a building or structure removed from its original location but which is <br />significant primarily for architectural value, or which is the surviving <br />structure associated with a historic person or event; or <br />f. Is the birthplace or grave of an historical figure where no other appropriate <br />site or building directly associated with his/her productive life survives; or <br />g. Is a cemetery that derives its primary significance from graves of persons, <br />age, distinctive features, or association with historic events; or <br />h. Is a primarily commemorative structure whose intent, design, age, <br />tradition, or symbolic values has vested it with its own historical signifi- <br />cance. <br />Section 3. The attached proposed ordinance creating a Seward Register of Historic Places <br />is forwarded to the City Council for introduction and adoption. <br /> <br />Section 4. This resolution shall take effect immediately upon enactment. <br />