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<br />Sponsored by: Staff <br /> <br />CITY OF SEWARD, ALASKA <br />PLANNING AND ZONING COMMISSION <br />RESOLUTION 2003-14 <br /> <br />RESCINDING RESOLUTION 2002-26, A RESOLUTION OF THE <br />SEW ARD PLANNING AND ZONING COMMISSION OF THE <br />CITY OF SEWARD, ALASKA, RECOMMENDING THAT THE <br />CITY COUNCIL AMEND TABLE 15.10.225. LAND USES <br />ALLOWED TO ALLOW TEMPORARY OFFICES BY <br />ADMINISTRATIVE PERMIT IN THE INDUSTRIAL ZONING <br />DISTRICT <br /> <br />WHEREAS, Resolution 2002-26, recommending that the City Council amend <br />Table 15.10.225, Land Uses Allowed to allow temporary offices by administrative <br />permit in the Industrial Zoning District, was passed at the December 3rd regularly <br />scheduled meeting of the Seward Planning and Zoning Commission; and <br /> <br />WHEREAS, upon review by the City Attorney it was determined that the <br />proposed ordinance accompanying Resolution 2002-26 was not consistent with the <br />International Building Code as adopted by the City, presented too many enforcement <br />problems and used language that was too vague; and <br /> <br />WHEREAS, a resolution is needed to rescind a previous resolution. <br /> <br />NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the Seward Planning and Zoning <br />Commission that: <br /> <br />Section 1. The Commission shall rescind Resolution 2002-26, a Resolution of the <br />Seward Planning and Zoning Commission of the City of Seward, Alaska, recommending <br />that the City Council amend Table 15.10.225. Land Uses Allowed to allow temporary <br />offices by administrative permit in the Industrial Zoning District. <br /> <br />Section 2. This resolution shall take effect immediately upon its adoption. <br />