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<br />85 <br /> <br />REGULAR MEETING - JANUARY n, 1978 <br /> <br />VOLuME 1 <br /> <br />PAGE 85 <br /> <br />NORTH HAR- <br />BOR SUB: <br /> <br />and Lot <br />oration <br /> <br />A. Public hearing <br />1, Block 2, North <br />and the following <br /> <br />was opened on the petition to rezone Lot 1, Block 1, <br />Harbor subdivision as filed by the Big Five Corp- <br />items were noted: <br /> <br />V. PUBLIC HEARINGS: <br /> <br />"Seward Phoenix Log Public Notice" <br />received December, 1977 <br /> <br />Kenai peninsula Borough proposed <br />ordinance 78-1 <br /> <br />Letter dated November 17, 1977, from <br />Big Five corporation and attached maps <br /> <br />Vance Hi" appeared from 'he audience and apoke on behalf of ,he Big Five Corp- <br />ora,ion a,a,ing 'ha' 'he abu"ing proper'y owned by 'he Alaaka Railroad vaa <br />,oned Indua,rial. He {ur'her a,a'ed 'ha' ,he ,urrounding area va' good for <br />indu"rial purpoae'. Willard Dunham appeared and apoke in ,uppor' o{ ,he re- <br />,uning. No one el,e appeared in order '0 be heard and ,he public hearing va' <br />cloaed. Following di,cu"ion, "va' moved by o'Brien, ,econded by McCauley, <br />and carried a' follow' '0 re,one Lo' 1, BLock 1, and Lo' 1, Bloek 2, Nor'h <br />Harbor subdivision from R-l (Residential) to 1 (Industrial): <br /> <br />Ayes: Jelsma, LaWSon, McCauley, o'Brien, Olson, <br />Tillotson, and Williams <br /> <br />Noes: Thorne <br /> <br />Leirer explained hia ab"en'ion a,a,ing ,ha' he owned proper'y in 'he area. <br /> <br />Abstain: Leirer <br /> <br />B. Before opening 'he publie hearing, Lelrer invi,ed 'he audience '0 <br />come '0 'he {ron' and view ,he ,oning map jua' received from Jeff o"eaon, <br />Senior planner for Kenai peninsula Borough. <br /> <br />Public hearing vno opened on ,he propoaed ,oning map and ,he "Nocice of <br />Public Hearing Propoced Zoning MaP" aa publi'hed ln ,he local new,paper on <br />December 22, ond 29, 1977,and January 5, 1978, wa' no'ed. Bren' Whi,more and <br />Lealie Simu'i' appeared from ,he audience and ,poke againa' ,he propoaed com- <br />mercial ,oning area ,'a,in8 ,ha' i' waa '00 large an area and unneceaaary a' <br />,hi' 'ime. Fa' William' and Jim woern appeared and "a,ed 'ha' 'hey would like <br />'0 aee 'he propoaed ,oning map plaeed ln a publiC viewing plac' 'or 'he benefi' <br />of all who are in,erea,ed. Willard Dunham app,ared and aeked if 'he Mul'i-famil] <br />r,aiden' ,oning would have any affec' on 'he plane of ,he univerai'y of Alaeka. <br />Jeff O""on appeared and an,wer,d 'he quee'ion by e,a'ing ,ha' public achoo]' <br />were allowed under 'he ,one and any plana ,he Univeral'y had would b, ,ligible <br />und,r ,ha' heading. In an,wer '0 a quea'lOn f,om pa' William', o"e,on "a,ed <br />,ha' ,very'hing Eaa' of Naah Road (which waa priva,ely owned) in Sec,ion 1 ], <br />,oned realden'ial. No on' ela' appeared in order '0 be heard and 'h' publiC <br />hearing va' cloeed. Ci'y Manager recommended, wi,h Commi,alon cone,n', ,ha' a <br />public hearing be held a' 'he nex' regular mee,ing of 'he planning and Zoning <br />commiaaion. Ci'y Manage' fur'her a'a'ed 'ha' he viII have a copy of ,he ,oning <br />map posted in the City Hall lobby as soon as possible. <br />