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<br />REGULAR MEETING JANUARY 16, 1967 <br /> <br />VOL 13 <br /> <br />1 <br /> <br />that it needed to know the details of the new legislation before it <br />could decide whether or not it was against it, and the Acting City <br />Manager was requested to secure such information from the Alaska <br />Municipal League; and also to relay its feelings to the Legislature <br />through the League that no legislation of such vital interest to the <br />cities should be passed without first providing full information to <br />the cities. <br /> <br />I <br /> <br />(3) Mayor Kirkpatrick reviewed recent correspondence regarding the <br />standing Committee for Municipal Affairs in the U. S. Senate and re- <br />quested permission to write letters of endorsement to Senator Williams <br />and to the Executive Director of the League, and permission was grant- <br />ed; (4) Reported that he would not be able to attend the Thursday <br />Power Study Meeting in Anchorage and vice-Mayor Skinner and Electric <br />Department Foreman Bob Hammond would attend; (5) The annual report <br />from the Fire Department received and will send copies to all mem- <br />bers of the Council; (6) Advised that on January 28, 1967 Mr. Ralph <br />Cowles, who is in charge of the Borough Economic Development Committee <br />would be in Seward with five principals interested in our cannery <br />development; that he would attend this meeting and would appreciate <br />attendance by all members of the Council who possibly can. Council- <br />man Willburn advised that he had been appointed to that committee in <br />July and had not yet received any piece of paper or notice of a meet- <br />ing, and having volunteered to be of active service and having been <br />appointed by the Council to serve, felt that he should be kept in- <br />formed of this committee's meetings and activities. Clmn. Cole <br />advised for information that this activity is no longer under the <br />Borough. <br /> <br />I <br /> <br />Item 10 - C~~il_piscussions - (For (1) see above at end of Item 8); <br />(2) Clmn. Smith inquired regarding progress on the refund of advanced <br />payments on the sewer assessment. Mayor Kirkpatrick advised this <br />was one of the problems presented to Mr. ;Josephson that afternoon <br />with request to prepare some guide lines for the Council's use in <br />determining -the manner of administering the refund; At the Mayor' s <br />request Mr. Josephson reviewed these in some detail and it was then <br />reviewed that the Council did wish to make these refunds at the earl- <br />iest possible time. <br /> <br />(3) Clmn. Urbach advised the Japanese Engineers for the Japanese and <br />American Development Fisheries Expansion Program expected to be in <br />Seward on Jan'~ary 20th to commence work on the engineering for that <br />project. <br /> <br />Clron. Willburn moved for adjournment and Mayor Kir~atrick declared <br />the meetinq adjourned at 9:25J'.Ivl. <br /> <br />yJfl/f~~ cL_'F 21h /~ <br /> <br />Beatrice E. Watts, <br />City Clerk-Treasurer <br /> <br />t~--J~' 'I <br />- ..,' I <br />i - <, <br />. / -7~:''' ,~ / <br />.1 t _-:::- ~~C~~ <br />R. W. Kir patrick, <br />Mayor <br /> <br />REGULAR MEETING FEBRUARY 6, 1967 <br /> <br />I <br /> <br />The February 6, 1967 regular meeting of Seward City Council was called <br />to order by Mayor R. W. Kirkpatrick at 7:30 P.M. The opening ceremony, <br />The Pledge of Allegiance To The Flag was led by Clmn. Tom Smith. Roll <br />was called and those present were: Mayor Kirkpatrick; Councilmen Tom <br />P. Smith, Charles E. Cole, Sr., W. J. Lantz, Lawrence Urbach and E. G. <br />Skinner. Clmn. Maynard Willburn was absent. There were no minutes <br />ready. <br /> <br />Item 5 - ~ii::j~~n!?_J?iscussion and_J'_ublic Hearinqs - (1) Mayor KirkpatricJz <br />reported that the Magistrate was ill and requested the report on Alaska <br />Alcoholic Planning Conference be tabled until she is able to present <br /> <br />