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<br />1 <br /> <br />\\ "..~ <br />o , <br /> <br />. ~.... <br /> <br />~'r <br />;~w <br /> <br />I <br /> <br />I <br /> <br />/' -t <br />{~'- L <br /> <br />Sl:."'WARD, ALASKA <br /> <br />Regular Meeting <br /> <br />March 5, 1956 <br />Cont inued <br /> <br />Clm. Petrovich stated that though the APVI inspector was looking out for the <br />government interests, he did not think he was necessarily looking out for <br />Seward's. Mr. Hardinge stated that with this building he would be here and <br />he would rr~ke inspections himself. Clm. Petrovich then stated that for the <br />matter of record, the matter of responsibility rests with the City Manager <br />and the City Engineer, is that correct? That is the normal procedure, <br />stated 11r. Hardinge. <br /> <br />"I move that the hospital specifications be accepted as recommended by the <br />City Manager, and the responsibility for inspection rests with the City <br />Manager and the City Engineer's office," stated Clffi. Petrovich. Seconded <br />ur Clm. Hall. All in favor, motion carried unanimously. <br /> <br />In regard to the Hospital Lease, Clm. Hall wondered if it should say the <br />City of Seward rather than the Town of Seward. Mr. Southard stated that <br />in the laws of incorporation, it sets it forth as the "Town of Se~ard"; <br />however, we are now classed as a first-class City. The City Attorney <br />arrived, and it was decided to go on to other business while City Attorney <br />Tyner and Mr. Southard read the proposed lease. <br /> <br />Ordinance No. 263 was read for the third time, and Mayor Anthony asked if <br />tnere was any discussion and if not, we would consider it the final reading <br />of Ordinance No. 263. Upon advice of the City Attorney, Clm. Durant moved <br />that Ordinance No. 263 be passed as read. Seconded by Clm. Stockton. Vote: <br />Clml Durant, yes; Hall, yes; Petrovich; yes; and Stockton, yes. Motion <br />carried unanimously. <br /> <br />In regards to the General Liability Insurance for which bids were called <br />in October 1955, a recent check with the Agent indicates that to cancel <br />as of March 15th the City would be returned $1003.62, and the initial <br />premium was $1967.89. This means that up to March 15th tris policy cost <br />the city $964.27, plus the audit as it will have to be audited to close <br />this out. Mr. Smith's bid of $1354.95 was a token bid and subject to <br />audit also, stated Mr. Harclinge. <br /> <br />Ci ty Mgr. Hardinge stated that he thought on the city insurance, there is a <br />lot of this insurance that is non-competitive, in other words the rates are <br />the same on fire and extended coverage. He continued that we could just <br />take those policies and group them and divide that amount of insurance <br />three ways to the three agents in town. Then take the other insurance <br />which is competi ti ve and call for bids on that and award to the lowest <br />bidder. Clm. Hall inquired in this respect would all the companies be <br />equal, whereupon ~rr. Hardinge stated that each agent has several companies <br />and the Council could specify which company it desires to have the policy <br />written with. elm. Hall tl~n asked what is your rec~"endation now regards <br />these bids on t he general liability and r,;r. hardinge repl ied that these <br />Dids were asked for the lcwest bid ;:;,"t ycuhave thE:; 1i:;ht to reject any or <br />all bids, - that would be the cheapest way right now. <br /> <br />Clrr.. }et.rovic;"sb'd i",hy don't we have the City tlgr. instructed to go into <br />this and oome up with a plan and recorrur,endation, and incorporate 1.hi:o <br />ins~rance plan in the next budget. <br /> <br />Pat Williams was present and she stdted that so many of these policies were <br />here because she bought them, - she bought out Baumgartner and al so Webb and <br />by buying theffi out, I took over the policies, which is a perfectly legal <br />thing to do. On why all these policies are expiring month by month, L'1ere <br />have been different councils and you have acquired property thru the years <br />and you have added on to the buildings so you had to add on insurance. <br />This has also been done so the City would not have the burden of one large <br />premium at one time. It can be corrected by your suggestion to put it all <br />on a yearly basi s, - there are a nu.-nber of plans that could be worked out. <br />I want to see Seward have a good comprehensive insurance plan,- it doesn't <br />have to be me, - it can be John or it can be West. A blanket plan is an <br />excellent plan for a City, continued Mrs. Williams. If you had a blanket <br />policy on all of your buildings, you would be covered on all of your <br />buildings all of the time and you would have 100% coverage unless the whole <br />works burned up and that is pretty remote. The companies don't like to <br />take over 50,000 dollars on anyone policy, she continued, you could get <br />$500,000 from say 10 companies, but you could not get it in one oompany. <br /> <br />Mayor Anthony asked what about the general liability and do you want to <br />~o along with the Hanager's recommendation and have him set up a plan for <br />all the insurance, <br />