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<br />I <br /> <br />,-1 <br />l'~ <br />I"'~' <br />,~. <br />,,< <br />..~ <br />~ <br /> <br />I <br /> <br />I <br /> <br />nr)"\' <br />,(, "~ J. <br /> <br />SEWARD, ALASKA <br /> <br />Regular Meeting - 1/6/58 <br />(con tinued) <br /> <br />Moving to the subject of Ice and Snow Removal, City Manager Bordwell read a letter <br />from the City Attorney which stated in substance that it would be to the advantage <br />of the City if Ordinance No. 80 were reinstated, or a new ordinance on the same <br />subject be prepared. It was the concensus of the Council, as expressed by Clm. <br />Johnson, that such an ordinance be prepared for the consideration of the Council at <br />an early date. <br /> <br />City Manager Bordwell read a second letter from City Attorney Buckalew, on the sub- <br />ject of a General Code for Seward. The City Manager pointed out that with no subject <br />index of ordinances, it was ext~ly difficult to operate the City business in an <br />efficient manner, for every legal matter had to be researched before it was known <br />which ordinance is in effect. It was agreed that such a Code would be to the advan- <br />tage of the City, and the Council expressed interest in what proposals would be made <br />by the City Attorney, when he comes down with a member of the City of Anchorage legal <br />department, who have offered to assist smaller cities to codify their ordinances. <br /> <br />A bill which Mr. Buckalew submitted in connection with the Garrett case was discussed <br />briefly, and it was decided that it should be held over and acted upon along with <br />the rest of the monthly bills. <br /> <br />Acting Mayor Knight asked what action had been taken with regard to the heat escaping <br />between the Armory Gymnasium and the High School, and Mr. Bordwell reported that Mr. <br />James had told him the underground heati~ fipes had been insulated and installed <br />according to the specifications, and the/e~capement was only normal for that type of <br />installation, so. there were no grounds for complaint to the contractor. Upon his <br />second question, Acting Mayor Knight was told that the old Seward General Hospital <br />was inspected and accepted back: f rom the Women's Division, and they had been informed <br />of this fact by letter, a copy of which had been sent to Mr. Howell. <br /> <br />Clm. Leirer a sked about the status of the Connolly work: on the power t ransmi ssion <br />line, and Mr. Ray Scott, who was among people present, said he had been told unoffic- <br />ially that while the Connolly crew had returned from their two-week Christmas vacation, <br />they would probably work only this week and then cease operations for the winter. <br />Clm. Amend asked why they were shutting down, and Mr. Scott said it was on account of <br />the snow depth and weather conditions. There was a general discussion among the <br />Councilmen and Mr. Scott, where it was brought out that it was the concensus of the <br />Council, as well as the opinion of the engineers' representative, that weatrf~onditions <br />did not justify Connolly's shutting down at this time. However, since he is still well <br />within the time of his contract there is nothing the City can do to force him to stay <br />on the job at this time. However, Mr. Scott suggested that he could be notified that <br />the City is not in accord with his actions, and that if he runs over his 200 days he <br />will be subject to penalty. He should be reminded that he ceased operations a t a time <br />the weather did not warrant this, so should be held in contract if he does not complete <br />the work by the due date. <br /> <br />Moving on to New Business, City Manager Bordwell stated that at the last regular Council <br />Meeting it was brought out that certain changes would have to be made in the City's Tax <br />Ordinance, to conform with action taken by the 1957 Territorial Legislature. One of <br />these changes, establishing the tax assessment date as of January 1, had been taken at <br />that previous meeting. Now it was necessary to establish new due and delinquent dates <br />for the several installments, and establish penalty and interest rates for delinquent <br />taxes. The City Manager outlined the general points that would have to be covered, <br />and after considerable discussion was instructed by the Council to prepare the necessary <br />proposed Ordinance that could be acted upon at the next regular Council Meeting. The <br />Council also instructed Mr. Bordwell to inform the public that the ordinance was being <br />written to conform with the 1957 Session Laws, and Mr. Bordwell stated that the subject <br />would be covered on his next ~our City ReportsR radio program. <br /> <br />Clm. Lowell informed the Council that Mr. Ed. Fortier, Acting Administrator of Civil <br />Defense, had stated there was a possibility that the City of Seward could buy, for a <br />token amount, the old Army Recreation Center. It was pointed out that there were a <br />number of buildings as well a s vacant lots included on the prope rty, a nd might be <br />well worth the City's while to follow up on this opportunity. Clm. Lowell was instructed <br />by the Council to get more details on the matter, so that a definite decision could be <br />made. <br /> <br />Clm. Lowell also informed the Council that it was probable that another ambulance <br />would be based in Seward, and while the title would remain with the Air Force, it <br />was desired that the City would carry the insurance. City Manager Bordwell pointed <br />out that it was questionable if taxpayers' funds could be used to insure non-City- <br />owned equipment, even though the equipment would be used in case of local emergency. <br />There was some discussion, which brought out the sentiment of the Council that in same <br />way it should be arranged to provide the necessary funds for insurance, as it would be <br />greatly to the advantage of the City to have this ambulance based in Seward. <br />