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<br />j 1', ... <br />r.... ~' :.j.) <br /> <br />Seward, Alaska <br /> <br />J",.._." Ell .l:lt.::s <br /> <br />__=-==_,:=,:===_-=-==,==_"="",,,,,'=.'~"-'__. "-::="O-'-':::.=~'-=:.. <br />--......- - . .--.... ...--- <br /> <br /> <br />_""::~._...:::::...._~ -c::-"':;;--_c"-~,_,_':O."",,' 'CC-==:";;--:---"""--::-'--'-- ,~_.~-:->,-_.::.-..-,~..__,._.;-' :"~-=::::::-~,'. ~ <br /> <br />I <br /> <br />L Elmer Gagnon of Alaska Housing Authority was present to discuss various matters <br />with the Council. Firat, regarding the garbage disposal in the Housing Area and he <br />advised that the cans would be plaoed at the individual huts if agreeable with th <br />Mr. Flynn, who was also preslmt and agreed, and Alaska Housing '.uthori ty will pay <br />the bill of $252 for back payment of semi-weekly ~rbage haul. Mr. Gagnon also <br />spoke regarding re-developnent and stated that Mr. ames will build 20 houses for <br />sale at $10,500 and would need lots. He also advised that there should be a master <br />p18n of the City and outlined the porcess and the necessary request must be made to <br /> oome in and proceed. Mr. O'Neill and Mr. Chas. Eubank of Daly Co. were <br />present and spoke regarding necessary procedure and would correspond further with <br />the City. Mr. Gagnon gave a financial report on the Housing Area. <br /> <br />Mr. Blue, Mr. Miller and Father Clapp were all present in protest of a liquor estab- <br />lishment starting business on Third Avenue. Rev. Malin also present spoke in behalf <br />of zoning for all liquor businesses. <br /> <br />Mr. Walters presented a petition for a 5th cab company to be owned and operated by <br />!!enry Mortensen, the matter was discussed and Dick Beissner who was present protested <br />against another cab company. Clm. Werner moved ~o issue another cab license. Sec- <br />onded by Clm. C. E. Johnson. Clm. Stockton, no, Rose, no, C. E. Johnson, yes, <br />Watsjold, no, Werner yes, Gus Johnson, no. Motion failed. <br /> <br />Resolution 31 was read; Clm. Gus Johnson moved to suspend the rules for the adoption <br />of Resolution 31. Seconded by Clm. Rose. All in fevor, motion carried. <br /> <br />Clm. Rose moved to adopt Resolution 31: <br /> <br />RF8:>LUTION 31 <br /> <br />I <br /> <br />BE IT RESOLVED by the Council of the Town of Sewara, Alaska, that the foDowing named <br />persons shall aot as Judges, Clerks and as Inspeotor of Special election to be held <br />January 20, 1953, at Seward, Alaska, for the purpose of acquiring a Municipal <br />Hospital not to exceed $400,000: <br /> <br />.. <br />Judges: John J. ~osness (Inspeotor) <br />Alice F. Lorang <br />Mildred E. lCirkpatridk <br />Clerks: Wilma Lind <br />Betty Rafferty <br /> <br />The rules governing the passage and approval of r~solutions are hereby suspended <br />and an emergency is deolared, and this Resolution shall be effective immediately <br />upon its introduction and passage this 19th day of January, 1953. <br />Russell Painter <br />ATTEST: Mayor <br />Sigrid Stearns <br />Clerk <br /> <br />I <br /> <br />Seconded by Clm. Stockton. All in favor, motion carried. <br /> <br />Two letters from hellenthal were read, one regarding the water bonding. <br /> <br />Bid for lot from Willard Midby was read. Clm. Werner moved to a ccept the bid of <br />Willard Midby for $828 for lot 30, Marathon Addition if open. Seconded by Clm. <br />Rose. All infavor, motion carried. <br />Arnell re <br />,Letter From/Seward fish & Cold Storage regarding the wiring the matter was re- <br />ferred to Clm. Gus Johnson and Fred lCielcheski. <br /> <br />HourI y payroll was read. Clm. Werner moved to approve the hourly payroll a s read. <br />Seconded by Clm. Stockton. All in favor, motion. <br /> <br />Letter from Olson & Graves regarding a refund of $100 was read, discussed and tabled. <br /> <br />The City Clerk was :htst~~ tow rite a letter to the Utility Board requesting fin- <br />ancial statements from the Electric and water systems, and the information requested <br />by Felix Toner on the amount of pipe used. <br /> <br />The following bills were read: Alaska Fire Equipment $45.93, Alaska Coachways, $18.62 <br />Andy's, $225.18, Alaska Shop, $8.15, Birroughs, $1.91, B & C Auto, 8a6t Beaver & ' <br />Van SeveEter, $12.35 and $895.00, P_l~l.L R:l.L T. _ liT .8S,~in Ervin Motors, $9.75, <br />Federal aboratories, $360.83, Credit Bureau, $4.87, Marathon Cafe, $25.70, Ray's <br />Oil Service, $71.92, Southard, $10.00, Seward General Hospi:al, $28.50, Seward <br />Laundry, $12.61, Seward Trading Co., il8.72, Seward Bulletin, $2.40, Seward r~ahine <br /> <br />