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<br />~~ I-I ,"",of <br />V~.. : \.) <br /> <br />Seward, Alaska <br /> <br />January 17, 19S'} <br /> <br />I <br /> <br />.__.. ___~__.______..__ __'_n..______.._._______________ ~_ .____.______________~_~___ <br />.. ___._~ _.,_... _ .___.._..u ._~_,_._ ___.____, _____ <br /> <br />-'----II-~u~ha-rd ~eported ~n a check of, the petitions with the tax roll and the registra- <br />,tion book, said i do not appear on the tax roll a"d only 17 were registered voters.' <br />:!Clm. Anthony asked what is required to sign a petition and the City Attorney said <br />:1 it is just a matter of policy. 31. of signers on petition considered too small a <br />:Inumber of the registered voters but if it had been signed by more it would be <br />'necessary to act on it. Mr. Gene Lanier sPQke saying that 312300 a year is too <br />;much to pay the City Manager here and spoke further quoting from the various <br />'audits of the city regarding the personal and real property receipts and the <br />expendituresduring the years 1951 to 1954 , also suggested that the discussion on <br />'the street be straightened out. Financial retiew was presented at this time for <br />... <br />the month of December. Clm. Petrovich recomnended that anier llIil1::e reports for the <br />Council as already prepared and table the matter until a'later date. Mr. Trevethan <br />presented petitions as a vote of confidence in behalf of the Chamber of COIlllleiFOe <br />if they would care to see them otherwise would continue obtaining si~atures and <br />present at the next meeting, then spoke about hydro electric. !here followed a <br />discussion on finances, powers of the Utility Board and amendment to the City <br />'Manager ordinance. <br /> <br />Disney reported on complaint. about the new oog pound and Mr. West spoke abwt the <br />coasing of dogs off private property and Clm. Petrovich recolllllended the use of extreme <br />'caution and to be in the clear in every case. There was considerable discussion <br />!about the picking up of dogs in the city and the salary paid to the poundmaster. <br />;!Clm. West moved that another 3100 be appropriated for the poundmaster and he to have <br />lithe pound cleared of dogs by the expiration of that time. Second by Clm. Blair. <br />!'All in favor motion CIlrried. <br /> <br />I <br /> <br />,Mr. Fortier of Civil Defense was present and showed movies on the hydrogen bomb and <br />,:fall out. He spoke about the moving of equir.ment to Seward to stock pile asking the <br />:city to support warehousing and cost of moving the equipment. Mr. Kirkpatrick is <br />i:the new director at Seward and Mayor Painter said the City will work with Mr. <br />:~a~kpatrick on the project. <br /> <br />'Mr. O'H ara reported on the names to be strl cken from the tax roll that had been <br />;presented twice before, the names were read by the Clerk and discussed by the Council. <br />Clm. Blair moved to strike the names presented. from the tax roll a SWI\ of 3939.60 <br />'in personal taxes. Second by Clm. Hodson. Motion carried unanimously. <br /> <br />;,Ordinance No. 252 An Ordinance of the City of Seward, Ala ska regulating water dh- <br />1l:ribution and service and providing for the manner in which water rates be Estab- <br />!;1ished, was read for t he second time and discussed. <br /> <br />I <br /> <br />iPrdinance No. 253, An Ordinance of the City of Seward, Alaska, calling a special <br />,~lection for the purpose of submitting to the qualified electors of the city a <br />:proposition of whether or not the city should issue its electric utility revenue <br />bonds in the principal sum of not exceed $3,500,000 for the purpose of providing <br />'funds'to acquire, construct and install certain improvements to the electric utility <br />system Of the city. Said ordinance was discussed and Clm. Ttlest stated that he did <br />not want to accept the ordinance under- suspension of the rules and Clm. Petrovich <br />said he wanted to go on record as needing an engineer for an opinion on these projects. <br />'There was discussion on the interest rate of 61. and the 5000 killowatts which con- <br />flic:8d with the report by Mr. Harstad. There was considerable further discussion <br />land Mayor Painter said if the project is not sold to the Council he would not let <br />',it go to the vote of the prople. The ordinance and further discussion was tabled. <br />Clm~'AritHony'~yed6tQ tllblechbe ordinance until the special meeting to be held <br />Wednesday January 19th. Second by Clm. West. Motion CIlrried unanimously. <br /> <br />~e bill. were read.ACS, $48.55, AutomotiTe Parts, $78.15, Andy's Oil DeliTery,$18l.64 <br />from Capital ImproVlll8ent Fund, $665.76, Ala sn Telephone Corporation, $40. eo, Ballou <br />& Wright, 39.97, Bay City Motors, $65.80, Commercial Stationers, $19.95, Durant's <br />~15.94, Win Ervin Mot.r., $32.54, N.C. Co., $9.12, Paulsteiner's, $16.00, Ray's Oil <br />Service, $223.36, Seward, Hardware, $10.65, Seward Plbg. & Htg. $203.93, Beware <br />~aport Record, $22.61, Seward Machin~ Shop, $232.81, Seward Trading Co., 316.40, <br />seward Water System, $425.00, Seward ~lectric System, $688.50, Seward, Builder's <br />Supply, $175.27, Standard Oil Co., $349.47, Aron Ericson, $4.00, Craig Taylor Equip- <br />~nt & Supply, $250.41, Pat Williams, $270.00, Werner's Market, $128.20, Yukon <br />tquipment, 3148.48, Petty Cash, 37J10, Dorothy Tyner Walters, $113.47, International <br />City Manager'. A..~eiation, $40.00, Odom Co., 339.13. Clm. Hodson maTed that the <br />! bills, with the exception of Alaska Engineering Association, be paid. Second by <br />Clm.Blair. Motion carried. <br /> <br />The City "'anager recommended to the Council that the City Manager ordinan.e be <br />broadened to include the utilities be operated my:1the City Manager under the direction <br />land control of the Utility Board and rather than have all the City Manager'. salary <br />. paid from general fund 8\DIII ClOuld be paid from the utilities from time to time. The <br />matter was discussed and no action taken, other than to refer to the City attorney <br />, for her consideration. <br /> <br />