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<br />r <br /> <br />All in favor. <br /> <br />Clmn. Kulin moved <br /> <br />Special JvIeetin[ January 6, 1960 <br />Regular Eeeting JanuarJ 11, 1960 <br />fo' ad! ou<~ot . ~~~ed by ~/ ~a1k",', 4,,, <br /> <br />APPOOVED: (/ G/~ ~/vl <br /> <br />JUe x Pet rovi ch, lIayor <br /> <br />157 <br /> <br />p.m. <br /> <br />ATTEST: <br /> <br />,:: J. .( C . ,( c. ( ( ( zi <br />Beatrice E. Watts - City Clerk <br /> <br />---- ----- ------------------ --- ----- --- <br /> <br />Regular Heeting - JanU3ry 11, 1960 <br /> <br />A regular meeting of the Common Council of the City of Seward was called to order <br />at 8:07 p.m., JanU3ry 11, 1960 by Mayor Alex Petrovich. Present were Mayor Petro- <br />vich, Councilmen Rupert Ku1in, Hans Hafemeister, Erma Walker, Elton Jergens and <br />Neville Hodson. Councilman Robert Zentmire was absent. <br /> <br />The minutes of the regular meeting of December 21, 1959 were read and approved as <br />read. <br /> <br />The minutes of the special meeting of December 30, 1959 were read and approved as <br />read. <br /> <br />The minutes of the special meeting of January 6, 1960 were read and approved as <br />read. <br /> <br />Mrs. Williams requested a postponement of her report to the Council. This was <br />granted. Mrs. Williams handed the recommendations of the Borough Fact Finding <br />Commission of which she is Chainnan to the City Clerk. <br /> <br />Mr. Jacque Roth was invited to address the Council regarding the petition for pav- <br />ing. He said his only question was tnat he would like to know why the paving <br />question has not come up for election. Myr. Petrovich asked if the excerpts from <br />the minutes previously handed to Mr. Roth for perusal answered this question and <br />he replied they did not answer the question for him. <br /> <br />Clmn. Jergens commented that he felt the serious question of the City's bondability <br />which the Council had asked to have checked is a matter of consideration for as <br />he understood the cost was to be borne fifty per cent by the property owners through <br />an assessment of one mill and fifty per cent by the City and it would still be <br />necessary to issue bonds to pay the cohtractor and, he concluded, he did not think <br />the Council had determined yet whether it can sell any more City l:onds. <br /> <br />Mr. Roth said that his reason for coming to the meeting was that he considered that <br />this petition would have come up for election some time ago and that it was planned <br />that it would be for vote sometime in November. He pointed out that an over- <br />whelming number of people signed the petition am the reasons for an improvement are <br />obvious to all and that the repayment of the bond issue is clearly laid out. He <br />continued that Seward has not sold bonds for sometime - since the building of the <br />Armory he thought. He thought that if the City were at or near its legal limit <br />now that it red been in very serious trouble two years ago. He thoucrht that if the <br />proposit ion was for an outlay of funds from present sources there would be reason <br />for concern but that this was to be new money created by direct assessment against <br />the property improved am a new one mill assessment against all City property <br />owners. TrA people are going to tell you to do this, he said, you are not going <br />to have to arbitrarily raise this money. <br /> <br />Mr. Buckalew asked to report his conference with the bond attorney. He said they <br />did not think the City had reached its bond limit but the question, according to <br />Mr. Thorgrimson, is that the City is in trouble on the water bond and does not <br />have the reserves required - I understand the ~ater System has no reserves at all <br />in fact - that it does not have the money to make its next payment of some $18000. <br />plus and that it may not be possible to sell the bonds. He said Mr. Thorgrimson <br />was not worried about the City not meeting their obligation on the next Water Bond <br />payment rot that he was worried about the reserves not being maintained. Mr. Bucka- <br />lew suggested tha t the Council vote on this issue and plt it up to election and <br />then if there is no market for the bonds the matter is sett led. He thouc;ht that <br />umer law the Council would have to make a determination of whether the improvement <br />is necessary. He said again that Mr. Thorgrimson was very skeptical of the sale- <br />ability of any bonds for the City at this time. He conc1u:1ed however that Mr. <br />Thorgrimson is a bom attorney and not a bond salesman. <br /> <br />!-:r. Roth remarked Uat he wished also to make the last observation. He said that <br />all he wanted was an opportunit y to briIlJ th is thing to the people, that he thought <br />they wanted it am it mould have been done years ago. Mr. Buckalew said he <br />thought the Ci ty is going to make the necessary Utility bond payment but that he <br />does not consider it proper to make a transfer fran t he gene ra1 fund to make a pay- <br />ment on the Utilities l:ond, He continued that he does knew however that the City <br />is nON delinquent in not having the proper reserves or having the nece>'sary money <br />