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<br />lB)HL'n <br />.. I II J '..., <br /> <br />I <br /> <br />I <br /> <br />I <br /> <br />MEETING O}" TIDl SEWARD TOW1J COUNCIL, THURSDAY EV1<~NING JAN. 9th, <br />*********************************************-**************** <br /> <br />~Ir- <br />4 ,-' <br /> <br />The Sewa,rd Town Council met at the 'l'own Hall, Thursday <br />evening Jan. 9th, at the usual hour. <br />The meeting was called to order by the President. <br />Present were, <br />Cra,wford, Noon, Hawkins, Sauers, Tecklenberg and <br />the President. <br />The Marshal turned in the name of Chas. Strum who had <br />labored 2 hours on the Sewer,Jack Bjorn who labored 28 hours <br />on the Sewer, and Fred Dorf who labored 24 hours on the Sewer. <br />Upon a motion duly made and seconded, it was ordered that <br />a warrant be drawn in favor of these men at the rate of 50% <br />per hour. The motion passed the council unanimous. <br />The Marshal also turned in the name of Chas. Barker and <br />Jack Bjorn who had acted as "Night Watchmen" on the night of <br />Jan, 6th, and the council authorized the payment of these <br />men for their services at the established rate of $4.00 per night. <br />A bill was read from the Seward Water & Power Co for $236.75 <br />and upon the motion of Councilman Noon that the bill be tabled <br />indefinately, This motion was seconded by Councilman Crawford, <br />and passed the council. <br />A bill was read from the Seward Light & Power Co for $15.05 <br />for globes and etc. Upon the motion of Councilman Tecklenberg <br />seconded by Councilman Noon, that the amount of $7.00 for <br />1-500 W Tungston LRmp and the amount of 70% for 1 hours labor <br />be stricken from this bill and that a warrant be drawn for the <br />remainder of this bill ($7.35) this motion passed the council <br />unanimous. <br />Councilman Noon then moved that a 16 candle power light be <br />placed at the cor, of 3 Ave and Adams St, 1 -16 candle power <br />light be placed at the cor, od 5th and Adams St. and that a <br />32 candle power light pe placed ~n the' 'Flag Pole" and that <br />it would remain in the discreation of the "Light Committee" <br />to lower the light on the "Flag Pole" and to substitute a <br />64 candle power light. This motion was seconded by Councilman <br />'l'ecklenberg and passed the council. <br />A bill was read from the Seward Water & Power Co for the <br />rent of 9 Hydrants for the month of Dec. and amounting to <br />$67.50 Upon the motion of Councilman Crawfors, seconded by <br />,Councilman Sauers that the bill be paid, passed the council, <br />all members present voting in favor except Councilman Noon. <br />Bills were read from the Alaska Transfer for 2.00 <br />Chas Crawford 5.00 <br />Brosius & Noon .50 <br />and the payment of the rent of the building used as a City Jail <br />for the months of Oct. Nov. and Dec @ the rate of $7.00 per mo. <br />Upon the motion of Councilman Sau~rs, seconded by Councilman <br />that the bills be paid as read passed the council. <br />Upon the motion of 60uncilman Sauers, seconded by ~ouncilman <br />Noon that it is in the discretion of the Marshal to hire and <br />discharge' 'Night Watchmen" as they are needed. This motion <br />passed the council unanimous. <br />Councilman Sauers then moved that the Marshal be allowed <br />to purchase 1 Ton of Coal for use at the Town Jail, Councilman <br />Noon seconded this motion and it passed the council. <br />NOll fu ther buisness coming before this meeting Councilman <br />Sauersr moved tha,t the meeting adj ourn, e,nd meetx in regular <br />ses~~n Monday evening Jan 20th, This motion was seconded by <br /> <br />C7~~~~~~,n c~~~r4 and the Ul meetl~~)adjOUrn:d, <br /> <br />/tk'~//l'" {( ~i(.9...-. ,':'/4'1';,1 '1"/1 <br />~-r--"CYerk~" -.--- -~~-~~ Pre~ide~t .' <br />