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<br />30r. <br />~ , <br />r c_> 0 <br /> <br />Minutes of Adjourned Meeting of Seward City Council, <br />January 3rd, 1922. <br /> <br />The meeting was oalled to order at 8. P.M.. by Mayor Noon, <br />all members being present exoept Counoilman Orlander. The <br />minutes of the regular meeting of Dec. 19th, and of Jan. 2nd., <br />were read, and at the oall of the roll, all members present <br />voting -aye-,were approved and adopted. <br /> <br />The olaims and salaries, after being OKed by the Finanoe <br />Committee, were read as follows: . <br /> <br />I <br /> <br />F. L. Heastan, Clerk, <br />F. L. Heastan, Magistrate, <br />Hugh Dougherty, Treasurer, <br />Robert Guest, Fire Chief, <br />Robert Guest, Chief of Pol. <br />Wm. Fairman, Night Watoh. <br />Dr. J.A.Baughman. H. Ofo. <br />L.V.Ray, Legal Adviser, <br />Robert Ouest. Fire Roll, <br /> <br />$60.00 <br />8.33 <br />50.00 <br />100.00 <br />100.00 <br />150.00 <br />50.00 <br />50.00 <br />20.00 <br /> <br />Bank of Seward, Rent. $30.00 <br />Dan.J.Corooran, Recorder 2.8 <br />Borgen Grooery (P.T.Shaw) 6.6 <br />Seward Com. Co. 9.0 <br />Seward Drug Co. 2.0 <br />Curtis Morford, 15.0 <br />Seward L. & P.Co. 159.1 <br />_ - - - " 9.5 <br />Gateway Pub. Co. 556.7 <br />Seward Water & Power Co.112.5 <br />City Express 2.0 <br />Curtis Morford, 1.5 <br /> <br /> <br />Martin Lanning, Watchman, 18.00 <br />Al. Peel, B 18.00 <br />Alex Bolan, B 18.00 <br />Jack Bolan. - 18.00 <br /> <br />Counoilman Ellsworth, seconded by Councilman Paulsen, moved <br />that the olaims be alldwed as read, and the Clerk be instruoted <br />to draw warrants for the payment of same. At the call of the <br />roll, all members present voted Baye-, and motion oarried. <br /> <br />A report from the City Treasurer was read, as follows: <br /> <br />-Seward, Alaska, January 2-1922 <br />To the Honorable Mayor and Common Council of the Town of Seward: <br /> <br />The following is a correot statement of the Treasurer's Offioe <br />tOr the month of December, 1921: <br /> <br />I <br /> <br />Balanoe Dec. 1, 1921, <br />Reoeipts for the Month <br />of Deoember........ <br /> <br />Warrants Issued for <br />Month of December....... <br /> <br />$10,790.19 <br />2.746.98 <br />13,537.17 <br />2.316.49 <br /> <br />Balanoe on Hand Deo. 31-1921 11,220.68 <br /> <br />On Deposit Bank Seward $11,121.64 <br />Cash on Hand 99.04 <br />'11, 220. 68 <br /> <br />Respeotfully submitted by <br />(Signed) HUGH DOUGHERTY, <br />Treasurer, Town of Seward.- <br /> <br />and <br />It wa. ~d by Counoilman .ll'.o~th+~ seoonded by Counoil- <br />man ~~.tttng, that the Treasurer's Report be aooepted as read. <br />At the oall of the roll, all members present voted -ayeB and <br />motion oarried. <br /> <br />I <br /> <br />A communioation, signed by John Book, was read. with <br />referenoe to his request that he be advised of the amount re- <br />quired to redeem taxes on Lots 36 and 37, Laubner Addition to <br />Seward, from the year 1917 to date. Title to these lots <br />having passed to the Vity of Seward by reason of delinquent tax <br />sale November 10th, 1921, and Mr. Book so advised, Counoilman <br />Ellsworth, moved. seoonded by Councilman Krefting, that the <br />oommunication be plaoed on file. <br /> <br />