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<br /> <br />MONDAY, DECEMBER, 3rd. 1934. Cont. <br /> <br />As a result of report by Councilman Meyer reo repairs to Hospital <br />baseaenti A motion was made by Councilman stanton, seoonded by Gil <br />taat an additional sum of 50.00, makiD& a total of 150.0Q be allow <br />the Seward General Hoapital to help defray oost of repairs as stat <br />Calli.! the Roll. All Counoilaan present Voted in the Affirmative. <br />Motion by stanton, seoonded by Osbo that Health Committee be <br />authorized to expend a sum of not to exoede 50.00 for putting Garb <br />Duap in shape for better dumping facilitiesi Calling the Rolli All <br />Counoilmen present Toted Aye. <br />Upon report of Coinoilaan Gillilandi A motion was aade by stant <br />secondea by Osbo, that the street Committee be authorized to expen <br />sum of excede 15.00 for repairs to bulkheads of 4th. Ave,Br <br />Calling the Rolli All Counoilman present Voted in the Affirmative. <br />Motion bl Counoilman Osbo, seconded by stanton that the street <br />Cemmittee be authorized to expend a sum of not to exoede 25.00 for <br />plaoin! Guard Rails on Chamberlain Hilli Calling the Rolli All <br />Couacilmaa preseat Voted Aye. <br />Threre being no further businesB to oome before this meeting, i <br />~' thire~f~r.upon prepe: motion Adjourned. <br /> <br />~r~y r~~ ~*iii~mb <br /> <br />MONDAY, DECEMBER, 10th. 1934. <br /> <br />1land <br />d <br />d. <br />!e <br />n, l <br />a <br />d!ei <br /> <br /> <br />Speoial meeting held this date in the Counoil Chambers, aee <br />oalled to order py Mayor Brownell at S.P.M. with all Councilmen p <br />Meeting for purpose of disoussin! and answerin! wire reoeiv <br />from R.T.Gridley, state En!ineer Inspeotor, P.W.A. for Alaska. J <br />Alaska. Askin! what applioations City of Seward mi!ht make for Pu <br />Work Projeots in the event that P.W.A. funds were made available <br />an interest rate of 3% with no !rant allowanoei <br />DiscuSSion resulted in the followin! proJeots bein! named u der ~ <br />proper motion, duly eeoouded and oarried i . I <br />No.1, Ilotion by Manthey, seoonded Gilliland, $100,000.00 f r <br />Hyd.o-Electrio R~.jeo~ (Lost Lake) No.2. Motion by M~nthey, seo nded <br />Gilliland, $35.00~.00 for llunioipal Buildin!, ( Offices. Fire Hall, <br />Council Chambere and Gymnaslum). No. 3.Motion by swetmann, seooad d <br />by Manthey, $2.000.00 for oompletion of 1st. ATenue Sewer. No.4. <br />$5.000.QO for Floating Dook to accomidate Small Boats. ".Motion y <br />Osbo, seoonded by Manthey, No.5. Motion, by Swetmann, seoonded by Osbo <br />$1.000.00 for Stoakar for Sohool House. No.i. Motion by Manthey. <br />seconded by Gilliland $5.000.00 for Salt water Fire system. (Pum in!) <br />The above projeots totalin! $148.000.00. <br />Meet n! a~Journed. . <br /> <br />(0 ~ <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />MONDAY. JANUARY, 7th. 1935. <br /> <br />Regular meeting of the Common Counail, City of Seward, held thi <br />date in the Counoil Chambers, medt1ng oalled to order by Mayor D.C <br />Brownell at .8 P.M. with the followiJag Counoilmen present: Gil.l. Uan . lj <br />Manthey, Meyer, Osbo, stanton and Swetmann; _ ' ':Ijp :", <br />Minutes of last regular and speoial meetings read and appr9 " 'I~j <br />Claims totaling $1652.14, presente as follows i .t.nk of Sew.~ " l;)O" l <br />Keilcheski 170.00. Balderston 100.00. Haverstook 50.00. Harwo~ 2 00 <br />Seward Water Sply. 127.50. Seward L.& P.13S.25. Oabo 13.35. Ogle 9 56. <br />Gateway Pub. Co. 14.78. Seward Maohine Shop 20.25. Alaska Transfer 5.00 <br />Eureka Fire Hose 266.60, Signal coeps 28.95. Cash 79.40. Deoember <br />Pay Roll 499.25. Ernestine Jessen 3.00. Seward Trading 6.75. C.M. <br />Brosius 65.10. Ed Wagner 25.00. <br />Motion by Counoilman Swetmann, seoonded by Manthey that Claims <br />as presented by paidi Calling the Roll All Coqnoilmen Voted Aye. <br />Clerk authorized to reoeipt for. oQPy of Compiled Laws of Ala8k <br />1933 Session. sent from Juneau by Auditor. <br />Following Resolution re- Date of Delinquent Tax Sale, %K& pres <br />ented and readi <br />