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<br />'") ,I r <br />I!C t. ~,.,~~ \. ;; <br /> <br />REGULA! SESSION JANUARY 5, 1946. <br />IMeetins pesp.ned, no quorum present. <br />I <br /> <br />Th.s. i. Howell <br />Cllty C1 uk <br /> <br />REGULAR SBSSION JANUARY 19, 1946 <br />i Mayor Keatins called the resular session of the Common Council, <br />[of the Citr of Seward to order at 6:06PM with Councilman Dahl, ! <br />,Kennedy, Ntvick, and Painter present, Sellers came in late, stantonl <br />labsent. ! <br />, Minutes of the last resular and special session were read and I <br />Japproved. i <br />, Mr. Geo. Lesko requested a permit to erect two quonset huts I <br />ion nailroad property in Block 19. They will be used for business. I <br />i It was moved by Novick and seconded by P~nter to sive permiss~on <br />It. Mr. Lesko to erect two quonset huts in Block 19. All voted 1 <br />[favorably. <br />Mr. D. Myers. asked permission to erect a quonset hut on the <br />'I-aok of his lot for Sarase and work shop. <br />It was moved by ~oviok andseoonded by Kennedy to srant permiss~on <br />it. Mr. Wyers to erect quonset hut on his property for sarase and i <br />Iwork shop. All voted favDDably. I <br />I Mr.H. Amidon requested permission t. start a Cab. Co. in the' <br />ICity of ~eward. The present Ordinance limits the number of cabs C.I <br />jfour companies, he requested that the Ordinance be caanted. After ! <br />Ilconsiderabl' diilcu8Bion as to the risht of the Ci-i.Y to lillit. the <br />,number oe Cab COllpanies the Wfyor asked Councilmen Novick, Kennedy <br />land Painter to meet with the cab .peratore and brins back a report <br />at the 'next Councl1 meetins. <br />_ Mr. F. H.ward asked when the City was gains to make the final <br />settle.ent on the Seward Veterans Houslns Project. Mayor KeatinS ' <br />asked hi. if the project was don.. Mr. Howa'rd said that the .Pbject~ <br />was d.apleteciracOlrUnlit.~~hUreontraot. The Aiayor ..~d that actio n <br />would be taken by the City to make a final settl..ent on the projec . <br />Mayer Keatinl made a report as to the finances of the City, i <br />,if the City collecta most of its taxes there will be a shortase of . <br />about $15,000.00 at the end of the fiscal year. <br />The MJyor sussested a poll tax, car tax, amusement tax, propert~ <br />tax for payins the school bUdCet, or a llquor tax might h.lp rat.o <br />the $15,000.00. The Mayor called a special meetins for T.esday <br />January 20 to discuss finances. <br />The Seward Electric System Bi lIs were presented amountins te <br />$11039.71. They were approved by the Utility Board. <br />The foll..ins City bills were read: <br />Clark $400.00, Turnbull $350.00, Tubandt $350.00 Pierce $13.30, <br />Kielcheski $450.00, Van GUilder $350.00, Howell .360.00, Bricson , <br />16.34, istes $360.00, Sellers $76.00, Christensen $36.00, Protzman <br />126.00, Lorang $42.00, Beaver $12.00, Davis $24.00, Dekken $76.00,: <br />irdmann $69.00, Gym Bond $1,360.00, Petty cash f266.49, Seward Pl~b. <br />$1000.43, ColI. of Int. Rev. $304.95, Dept. of ax. $956.00" ' <br />Seward Hard. $42.32, Eaulsteiner $62.70, Ham. Gar. $6.37, patts Ge~ <br />$66.90, S.W.S. $292.91, Wart $1.60, Stew. & Muir 166.66, Graphic <br />Art Press $19.96, Nerth. Coam. Ce. $96.30, Oabo. 33.63, Sew. Aiach <br />$112.06, Trea. of U.S. $11.76, irdaan $170.00, Sew. Dru& $16.26, <br />Kenai ilec. iquipt. $77.64, Bert Culver.on $11.60, Sew. Polaris <br />'130.65, Frea. C. Howard $116.60, S.I.S. $1166.36, Ala.ka Print. <br />, 23.00, S.L&P. $75.22, R.D.Muller, $6.00, Andy's Oil 1666.431 <br />Werner. $26.65, K.nai Co.Op $27.16, Kenai Sheet ~etal Works 16.00 <br />Anchorale Times $133.70, Sew. Metal Works $4,40, Sew T,_d. 15.30,1 <br />Std. Oil $62.97, Chamberlain $20.00, Raaaussen $26.00, T~.c8tcn ' <br />i$20.00, Painter $20.00, L~an& $20.00, iads Bres. 64.51. <br />, It was moved by ~Gvieka and seconded by Sellers to pay all <br />S.I.S. and City Bills. All veted favorably. <br />Mayor Keatinc said that the City as. Attorney E. Arnell was <br />loing to Seattle.a..x.a The Mayor appointed Buel Nesbitt as the <br />new City &tterney. , <br />It waSM moved by Kennedy and seconded by Painter to approve th. <br />appointaent er Buel Nesbitt as the City Attorn.y. ..I196t~lted n., I <br />Dahl, Kennedy, Painter and Sellers voted yes. <br />The -eyer sUI~ested that the City sue Mrs. Ora Hubbard for cos~s <br /> <br />of the law suit they breusht alainst the City. <br /> <br />-! <br />I <br /> <br />--, <br />