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<br />Q \,.). A <br />.: .~' ~..+ <br /> <br />Regular meeting JAn. 3, 1949. <br /> <br />-L1:~~~~~~ ~:~~G~r~~;~t i~:- ~~~~~~~--- <br /> <br />fP;,roved. .- <br />. ~Pyor Lcnler rearl A letter from the Dep. of Labor of June8 1. : <br />p. F. Lindberg then read 8 stAtement he was re1uested to si~~ b th~ <br />Sew~rd El ectric System. Hr. Lindberg then gRve the Clerk a let er <br />from the Dept of Labo~ Addressed to him to read. Glmn. Kenndy <br />o~ect these letters be turned over to the Utility BOBPd for the r <br />onsiderAtion. Se~anded by Glmn. Painter 81J{voted yes-motion cn'rie4. <br />I Clmnl M~ller moved 8 lease be signed with the Seward AthIe ,ic . <br />rts90ciRtion for the u.s.a. for January, February, MArch and ~pr 1 <br />'ecanded by Clmn. Geferovich 811 voted yes-motion carried. <br />The Clerk reRd A deed to land that WAS to be deeded to Wm. <br />WAgner (or a radio station. Glmn. Sellers moved this deed be si ned. <br />elmn. Miller Seconded motion 911 voted yes - motion c~rried. <br />: Geo. Turnbull MGr. of the G.V.H.P; sRid he thought A coupl <br />new inventory would have to be made. Some of the tenants were s <br />~ehind in their rent SOMething would hAve to be done. He is to <br />romplete Authority to collect rent And water bills. <br />. Glmn. Miller moverl thRt the penalty and interest Asaessmen S N. <br />pn the sewer between 3rd And 4th Rvenues be waived rrovided the I <br />property owners paid the originRl gssess~ents. K Seid property w- <br />hers Are: D. C. Brownell, RAY J80es and Paul Hlms. B Clmn. Kenn dy <br />~econded motion all voted yes- motion carried. <br />. Th~ Cler~ reed the PAY roll And when the money is AvailAbl <br />~~ is to be pRi~. Clmn. Kennedy moved to PRY when possible-seco ded <br />my Clmn. Miller-nIl voted yes -motion carried. <br />MAyor LQnier read A letter from Asst. Secy. of the Interio <br />~. E. Worne regarding the rOAd t6 Coopers Landing and that it w uldl <br />have to be improved later on. <br />Dr. Sellers read the HeAlth Ordinsnce that is to be enacte <br />rhis is the second re8din~. <br />Clmn. Peinter moved to Adjourn-seconded b~r Chm. DRhl- <br />~ll voted yes- ~otion carried. Adjourned 9t 11:30 P.M. <br /> <br />--- <br />to order at 8:05 P.i,:. /.11 I I <br />of Dec. 20, 1948 were r98d endl <br /> <br />te <br />fAr' <br />ave, <br /> <br /> <br />~ttest-City Clerk. <br /> <br />d '., <br />, -<:: J.;Jc-zr ,;',: <br />L..... 1 i <br /> <br />q '" <br /> <br />_ L ,/', <br /> <br />U~~ror . <br />(( .;;. ~j <br />/1 ~_' li,'v~"L':"//' <br />{,:~ ,/ '-1' c~_~.., vi <br /> <br />.-.., <br />I <br />