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<br />32 <br /> <br />Regular Meeting January 6, 1961 <br /> <br />'" <br />t- <br />~ <br />e= <br />~ <br /> <br />I :lmn. Hafemeister was named to act as Mayor for this meeting due. to the absence <br />)f Mayor Petrovich on an extended trip. The regular meeting of the Council of <br />~h3 City of Seward was called to order at 8:20 p.m. by Acting Mayor Hafemeister. <br />)resent were Acting Mayor Hafemeister, Clmn. Jack Werner, Clmn. Erma Walker, Clmn. <br />Aurl Trevethan, Clmn. Russell Painter, CllIIn. Elton Jergens. Absent, Mayor Alex <br />~'e'~rovich. Also present were City Manager Chester Kunz, Sew~' Electric System <br />J1anager Ray James who requested to be excused at the close of Item 5C. <br /> <br />nctg. Myr. Hafemeister asked the members of the Council if they had read the minutes <br />of the regular meeting of December 16, 1960. The minutes having not been read by <br />d,~" the Actg. Myr. requested the pleasure of the Council. Coo. Jergens - I move <br />that the reading of the minutes of the regular neeting of December 16. 1960 be post- <br />~'oned. Seconded by Coo. Werner. All in favor. <br /> <br />Actg. Myr. Hafemeister asked if the Council was familiar with the minutes of the <br />special meeting of December 28, 1960 and some members had read them and some k had <br />not had an opportunity to do so. CJmn. Werner - I move that the reading be post- <br />poned until a later date. Seconded by CllIIn. Trevethan. All in favor. <br /> <br />A~tg. Myr. Hafemeister asked if there was any person present who would like to speak <br />t,) the Council. No one so indicating, the Manager advised that Mr. Vernon M. <br />M(~t,~alfe, Department of Public Safety , Division of Civil Defense, would like to be <br />hoard by the Council. Mr. Metcalfe advised that he was speaking on behalf of Mr. <br />F::.oyd Guertin of the Department of Administration with regard to the building known <br />all the old Federal Building and which had been transferred to State ownership with <br />a verbal offer of tentative terms under which the State would offer to the City space <br />for its offices and jail, said offer having been refused by the Council at its Decem- <br />b€'r 16, 1960 meeting. Mr. Metcalfe advised that lofr. Guertin had not known he was to <br />visit Seward at this time so that the request to appear before the Council in his <br />behalf had been by telephone and supported by a telegram containing the proposal of <br />of the State. The telegram was handed to the Clerk for therecord. He advised further <br />that Civil Defense had an interest in the building as its area offices, emergency con- <br />trol center and supplies are housed there as well as being Civil Air Patrol headquarters. <br />He continued that the State was quite concerned about the refusal of the City to par- <br />tiCipate as the building was acquired at the request of local legislators in the hope <br />that the building could be used later on in the borough government, which seems quite <br />certain to be implemented during this session of the Legislature. It is certain that <br />the State is going to have difficulty providing office space in the immediate years <br />to come so that without funds to build new space, it is necessary to renovate and use <br />that which is available. The request of the State at this time, he said, was for the <br />Council to reconsider its previous decision at least for a period of time during which <br />the City and the State could discuss possible arrangements (with those contained in <br />the telegram a basis of the position of the State) and to see what action the Legis- <br />lature will take with regard to funds to bring the building up to standard. There <br />were questions and answers - the telegram was studied and the following tentative <br />conditions noted - "State will pay utility costs of building. Ask that City supervise <br />and provide custodial costs in return for space for City office facilities. State <br />proposes future improvement and joint use to mutual benefit of City and State depending <br />on Legislative approval.1I (Partial quote.) Clmn. Walker - I would like to move that <br />the matter of the use of,the Federal building be re-opaned andtaken under advisement. <br />The Council discussed the subject noting that it did not wish to attempt decisions at <br />this time. Clmn. Werner suggested a study session in the near future and Clmn. Painter <br />expressed an interest in who would investigate for the State to be sure that it would <br />meet the requirements of the State Department of Public Safety. Vote on Clmn. Walker's <br />motion - All in favor. <br /> <br />It was noted that the first reading of the long proposed revision of the Sales Tax <br />Ordinance was next on the agenda and that Mr. and Hrs. Ray Anderson were present <br />to assist if necessary with regard to their letters of request. CllIIn. Werner 7 I <br />move that we revert to the susoension of the rules and,hear Mr. Anderson ~t thls <br />t~. The sales tax ordinance is very long. Clmn. Pa.l.nter thought a motlon was <br />not necessary. Clmn. Jergens thought -/llf it should be since it was on the agenda <br />as it was. Act. Myr. Hafemeiter requested the letters of Oct~ber 26, 1960 and Novem- <br />ber 10 1960 read. Clmn. Werner advised that he had talked Mr. James abo,:t how <br />this c~uld be accomplished and requested his advice to Council. Mr. James adVJ.sed <br />that the property to the west of the property belong~g to Jim and Emma Cameron and <br />which the Andersons were interested in buying and which was traver~ed on the Ea:t <br />by what would be an extension of First Avenue, did belong to the Clty ~ut that l~ <br />was not of sufficient depth so that an exchange of property would P7I"lD.l t ,the laymg <br />out of a proper lot. He continued that some of the monuments descrlbed In the let- <br />ter are destroyed but that he had established that the piece ~f property ~he AnderQ <br />sons suggested receiving from the City in return for the port~on of the Flr:t <br />Avenue which would belong to them if they purchased the Cameron property, did belong <br /> <br />to the City, and that by allowing them a proper lot, the City could~il1 t have tc It <br />narrow street which would permit access and right-of-way for sewer we:- er, e . <br />d' d that this l'S the first time this has been before the Councll and Clmn. <br />was lscusse "t Had' d that <br />Werner asked M'rh.ulJamd eSkitfhte~~ga:r t~/~~~~~d:~O~o~f t~~eC~~;il t~ de~~:. Clmn. <br />Clmn. Werner s 0 as <br />