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<br />r.eglL.Cl.r ">I-Cc:-'::~n(" J"iJ._nC0._~Y ~, ~'_':S~. <br /> <br />VOL ~.3 <br /> <br />~, ,10 <br />J_ ~<Jl <br /> <br />to further que,;~:io:. a<3visec: t;,;:tt cI:len;c '\:'1' flood control funl1s wa::' thE: <br />source pre; cc:mL.y pI anncd fed:' ,,'ork !,;einc' ,:':fered by the Corps of Ergi- <br />neers. clnm. HilL:;urn askE':d aJJout bud'~et adjustment possibilities CeDe <br />Acting Ci t:/ Manager Bau'Jh advised he d,i.J not know as a budget revi sicr <br />was needed but cUd ,think rf'vcnucs vlOu:~(~, not reach estimated revenl!es <br />and it appears that expenses are runni~'J higher than estimated. <br /> <br />I <br /> <br />clmn. Amend aslced again about postponemcn't and Myr. Kirkpatrick rE'quested <br />the city Clerk to review the discussiol' had with the Corps of Engineers <br />which was that they did not want to advertise for bids until after the <br />Council had guaranteed the money and the city Manager had assured them <br />he would have something for them by the 5 th and that he would recom.end <br />oche council ap;?rove the above financing; that they wanted to go to bid <br />last Friday, and that she had encouraged them to do so based on the <br />city's initiation of the project and their arrangements with the City <br />Hanager. Myr. Kirkpatrick suggested that when the city Manager returns <br />he might add something to this action; ;that he recommended approval of <br />the proposal as it is a good project ane to show good faith with the <br />Corps of Engineers in these negotiations. Clmn. Hulm - I move for adop- <br />tion of Resolution No. 673 as corrected at line 9 (the figure four to <br />be inserted in the ~750-words correct). Seconded by Clmn. Amend. <br />Vote - Unanimous Yes. <br /> <br />Item 8.2 - Resolution No. 674 was read in full as follows: (Clmn. Urbach <br /> <br />arrived durinq the readin~tSOLUTION NO. 674 <br /> <br />I <br /> <br />BE IT RESOLVED that the U. S. Army, corps of Engineers, Alaska and its <br />contractors be and are hereby given right of entry onto city of seward <br />property located at the outfall and intake of the Lowell Canyon Diver- <br />sion Tunnel for the purpose of performing maintenance work on said <br />tunnel, its intake and its outfall during the early part of 1968, pro- <br />viding that all debris from such work be and is hereby required to be <br />removed from the sites to suitable disposal places provided by The <br />city of Seward, and providing that the sites shall be left in a neat <br />and orderly condition; and <br /> <br />BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that The city of seward hereby guarantees to <br />hold harmless the U. S. Army, corps of Engineers, Alaska, its agents <br />and contractors from any claim of unlawful entry in the exercise of <br />the foregoing right of entry; and <br /> <br />BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the city Manager and city Clerk-Treasurer <br />be and are hereby authorized to execute and deliver the standard forms <br />for such right of entry and hold harmless agreement, said documents <br />being under preparation and needed prior to the next regular meeting <br />of the city Council. <br /> <br />This Resolution shall be effective on the date of passage and approval. <br />Passed and approved by the City Council of The city of Seward, Alaska <br />this 2nd day of January, 1968. <br /> <br />clmn. Willburn - I move we adopt Resolution No. 674. <br />Amend. Vote - Unanimous Yes. <br /> <br />Seconded by Clmn. <br /> <br />I <br /> <br />Item 8.3 - Name alternates to represent City on Borough Assembly in <br />accordance with Home Rule Charter Sec. 9.3 and Ord. No. 339 - Mayor <br />Kirkpatrick asked for volunteers and there being none, clmn. Willburn - <br />I nominate Oliver Amend. Seconded by Clrnn. Smith. Clmn. Urbach I <br />would nominate Tom Smith as an alternate as he has so much experience. <br />Seconded by Clmn. Amend. Clmn. willburn - I move that nominations cease <br />and that appointment be made by a flip of a coin as to first and second <br />alternate and the looser is first alternate. Clmn. Amend protested <br />that he thought experience on the Council would be helpful in such posi- <br />tion. Clmn. Urbach seconded The foreqoing motion. Vote clmn. Hulm <br />Yes; Clmn. Hillbur~sClmn. Smith No; Clrnn. Urbach Yes; Clmn. Amend No; <br />Myr. Kirkpatrick Yes. Motion passed, ane. Clmn. Amend was nominated <br /> <br />first alternate by the flip of a coin. elmn. Hulm volunteered as third <br />alternate. Clmn. Urbach - I would move that we accept Clron. Hulm's kind <br />offer to be third alternate. Clmn. Willburn I move for unanimous con <br />sent. Seconded by clmn. Amend. Vote - Unanimous Yes. <br /> <br />