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<br />>)u <br />t) <br /> <br />Page 30 <br /> <br />Volume 16 <br /> <br />posed lease of a tract of land Northwest of Lot 32, Marathon Addition to Frank <br />Ruks and Dale R. Lindsey. Mayor McAnerney opened the Public Hearing - Pro- <br />being no one present who desired to be heard, the Public Hearing was closed. (2) <br />Public Hearing - Proposed Lease of Lot 14, Seward Industrial Park, to Seward <br />Fisheries. Mayor McAnerney opened the Public Hearing. There being no one pre- <br />sent who desired to be heard, the Public Hearing was closed. (3) Mrs. Bea Davis <br />thanked the City Manager for responding promptly to her earlier complaint re- <br />garding neighbors without sewer or water service. (4) Mr. Keith Campbell, <br />Seward General Hospital Administrator, reported that a joint purchasing effort <br />by Borough hospitals has resulted in a lower bid for sprinkler work at the Hos- <br />pital and he asked to meet with the Council at a later date to resolve the loan <br />offered to the Hospital by the City at the request of the Hospital board. <br /> <br />Item 8 - Council Discussion: (1) Clmr. Hulm reported he had received com- <br />plaints regarding snow and ice control in the downtown area. (2) Clmr. Neve' <br />asked about the feasibility of using auxiliary police and thought this should <br />be discussed by Council. (3) Clmr. Vincent noted the City had been working <br />on the sidewalks and streets more actively and encouraged continuation of this <br />effort. Clmr. Vincent also suggested that work sessions should be held even if <br />only five members are present. <br /> <br />Item 9 - Resolutions, Ordinances and other Action items: (1) Resolution No. 891, <br />a Resolution supporting the establishment of a public television station in South- <br />central Alaska. Clmr. Hulm, seconded by Clmr. McCloud, moved to approve Res- <br />olution No. 891. Passed unanimously. (2) Resolution No. (j92, a Resolution <br />authorizing the write-off of paid Real and Personal property taxes. Clmr. Mc- <br />Cloud, seconded by Clmr. Neve', moved to approve Resolution No. 892. Passed <br />Unanimously. (3) Clmr. McCloud, seconded by Clmr. Hulm, moved to approve ap- <br />plications for renewal of liquor licenses for (a) Palace Bar and Cafe; (b) <br />Yukon Liquor Store and (c) Harbor Dinner Club. Passed unanimously. (4) Clmr. <br />Dague, seconded by Clmr. McCloud, moved to approve replacement leases for <br />Seward Fisheries to improve management and administration. Passed unanimously. <br /> <br />Item 10 - Citizens' Discussion: (1) Mr. Gerritt Hoogland asked for information <br />on the use of a cesspool/septic tank near the road along his property on Dairy <br />Hill (Lots 2, 3, and 4, Block 2, Cliff Addition.) He \~s told by the City Man- <br />ager State regulations would apply and further information would be required. <br />(2) Mr. Wayne Heinbaugh suggested sawdust for ice control. <br /> <br /> <br />Clmr. McCloud moved to adj ourn. Mayor McAnerney adj ourned <br /> <br />J..... fI,&6~ .... ... a <br />Lee McAnerney, ) <br />Mayor <br /> <br />REGULAR MEETING OF JANUARY 14, 1974 <br /> <br />Item 1 - The Regular meeting of the Common Council of the City of Seward, Alaska, <br />for January 14, 1974, was called to order by Mayor McAnerney at 7:32 P.M. <br /> <br />Item 2 - The Opening Ceremony was led by Clmr. Vincent. <br /> <br />Item 3 - Roll was called and those present were Mayer McAnerney, Clmr's <br />McCloud, Vincent, Hill, Hulm, Neve', Dague, and Jr. Mayor Whitmore. <br /> <br />Item 4 - Clmr. Hulm, seconded by Clmr. Neve', moved to approve the Minutes of <br />December 10, 1973, as presented. Passed unanimously. <br /> <br />Item 5 - Report of the Borough Assemblymen: Clmr. Hulm reported the Borough <br />Assembly had passed Ordinances clarifying the time taxes were due, the date <br />taxes were due when the due date fell on a Saturday, Sunday or holiday, and <br />repeal of the Inventory tax. The last item had been delayed on reconsideration <br />but reconsideration was defeated and the OrdinaYlce approved. Ordinance 73-65, <br />Solid Waste powers from Soldotna, Homer and Kenai, was tabled while Resolution <br />74-4, selecting lands at Fourth of July Creek, was adopted. Support of the All- <br />Alaska gas pipeline was given when Resolution 74-5 was approved. <br /> <br />Item 6 - City Managers' Report: The City Manager reminded Council of the work <br />