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<br />62 <br /> <br />Vol ume 14 <br /> <br />Regular Meeting of January 12, 1970 <br /> <br />Page 62 <br /> <br />Item 1 - The Regular Meeting of the Common Council of the City of Seward, <br />Alaska, for January 12, 1970 was called to order by Mayor Ullom at 7:32P.M. <br /> <br />Item 2 - The opening ceremony was led by Clmr. McCloud. <br /> <br />Item 3 - Roll was called and those present were Mayor Ullom, Clmrs McCloud <br />Skinner, Hulm, Hardy, Richarason, and Hoogland. <br /> <br />Item 4 - Approval of Minutes: <br />After "Passed unanimously'" add <br />Clmr. Hulm, seconded by Clmr. <br />ed. Passed unanimously. <br /> <br />A correction was noted on Page 60, item 4. <br />the sentence "Clmr. Hulm dissented on Item 10~ <br />MCCloud, moved to approve the minutes as correct- <br /> <br />Item 5 - City Manager's Report: The City Manager reported 1. that Cliff <br />Schoen and Paul Finetti had been in the office to discuss the Jesse Lee <br />Home properties: 2. that the City Attorney had recived word that the <br />attorney for the Board of Missions for the Methodist Women had recommended <br />the City be given a deed to the lots adjacent to and under the Northwest <br />wing of the Home bu~~~ that it would take 6-8 months to clear the title to <br />the property: 3. that foreclosures for non-payment had been initiated against <br />Steve's Construction, Kester Dotts and Gerald Briggs: 4. that the bid for <br />property in the Jesse Lee Heights subdivision submitted by Thomas C. Weiss <br />had been rejected for failure to sign the necessary papers. 5. that the <br />manager had met with E. D.'A. officials in Anohorage and that the City had <br />been requested to expedite the application for funds for the wharf construct- <br />ion project: 6. that contract specifications for the 4th Avenue Dock <br />improvement had been received from the State of Alaska and 7. that the <br />Manager requested Council approval of a vacation for himself from March <br />26, 1970 through April 17, 1970. No obiection. <br /> <br />Item 6 - Communications: 1. Letter dated 12/29/69 from State Department <br />of Xdministration transmitting a revenue sharing check in the amount of <br />$15,087.00. Signed T. K. Downes, Commissioner. 2. Letter dated 1/9/70 <br />from The Alaska Railroad answering the City's objection to a second rail- <br />slip installation in Whittier signed John E. Manley, General Manager. <br />3. Letter dated 12/30/69 i;rom Economic Development ) Administration suggesting <br />the City file an application for grant and loan assistance in connection <br />with the proposed wharf extension project. Signed John H. Davidson, Chief, <br />Public Works Division: 4. letter dated 1/10/70 from Cornells International <br />Finders Research Services expressing continued interest in the Jesse Lee <br />Home property, signed Elsie M. Cornell. 5. Letter dated 1/7/70 expressing <br />interest in leasing City property, signed Benjamtn O. Walters, Sr.: <br />6. letter dated 1/5/70 requesting Council if there was objection to addi- <br />tonal dormitory:units at the Alaska Skill Center site. Signed Pobert Booher, <br />Project Director: (NO objection): 7. letter dated 1/5/70 from Alaska Skill <br />Center requesting temporary approval to l,ocate one 500 gaa~on pr.opane tank <br />on the City-owned lot adjacent to the Seward Bakery. Signed Duane Metcalf, <br />Building Maintenance. (NO ob;ection.). <br /> <br />Item 7 - Citizens' Discussion and Public Hearings: 1. Mr. Paul Finetti <br />spoke in regard to the potentials of using the Jesse Lee Home for the <br />purpose of rebuilding it <br />internally for condominum-type apartments. Clmr. Hardy, seconded by Clmr. <br />Richardson, moved to instruct the City Manager to place the Jesse Lee Home <br />properties up for bid in approximately the next 30 days. Motion passed with <br />Clmr. Hoogland dissenting. 2. Mr. Ralph Bailey presented questions to <br />Council and the administration regarding the sale of the I.Q.F. equipment <br />to Seward Fisheries. 3. Mr. Ben Suddath spoke in regard to the lease of <br />lot 13 in the proposed Seward Municipal Small Boat Harbor Industrial Sub- <br />division. No action taken. <br />