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<br />cq <br />U,i <br /> <br />vol ume 14 <br /> <br />Regular Meeting of January 12, 1970 <br /> <br />Page 63 <br /> <br />Item 8 - Council Discussion: 1. Letter from Mr. Roy E. Johnson requesting <br />to purchase land he had presently leased from the City. No action taken. <br />2. Disposition of the old Alaska Railroad Depot at the end of the 5th Avenue <br />The City Manager reported that the Teen Center had relinquished the structure <br />for lack of funds and that it might be possible to rent the building to <br />I the state of Alaska. for use as a Marine Highway ticke~ office and warehouse. <br />City Manager recommended a monthly rental of $250.00 with provision that <br />a credit of up to~50.00 be given to the state for repairs of a permanent <br />or semi-permanent nature. Clmr. Skinner, seconded by Clmr. Hulm, moved to <br />approve the City Manaqer's recommendation. Passed unanimously. <br />3. Clmr. Hulm requested the City Manager to follow up on earlier letters <br />to the Corps of Engineers regarding the saleof land in the Small Boat Harbor <br />area and to write letters supporting the continuation of air travel tax <br />exemptions to municipalities. Clmr. Hulm will work toward having a <br />section of the 48" pipe installed in the 4th Avenue Park and supports <br />prompt refund of prepaid sewer assessments, when funds are available. <br />Clmr. Richardson indicated he felt that all harbor patrons, Army and Air <br />Force included, should pay the full year slip rental to reserve space in <br />the Harbor. Mayor Ullom appointed Clmr. Richardson to investigate land in <br />Seward that might be used for recreational areas for children. Mayor Ullom <br />asked Council to approve his writing the Legislative comments for the <br />local newspaper. No ob;ection. <br /> <br />Item 9 - Resolutions, Ordinances and othe Action Items: 1. Resolution <br />Ny. 771 (see attached), a Resolution authorizing to sign checks, drafts, <br />notes or orders against City of Seward Bank accounts. Clmr. Hardy, seconded <br />IbY Clmr. McCloud, moved to approve Resolution No. 771. Motion passed with <br />Clmr. Skinner abstaininq. 2. Clmr. Hardy, seconded by Clmr. Hooqland, <br />moved to approve permits for licensed qames of skill and chance submitted by: <br />a. ILWU, Local 60, b.Saored Heart Parish, c.Seward Chamber of Commerce, <br />d. Pioneer of Alaska, Iqloo NO.9. Passed unanimously. 3. Clmr. Hoogland, <br />seconded by Clmr. Skinner, moved to approve the lease (short form) submitted <br />by the State of Alaska for Transit Shed No. 1 sub;ect to approval by the <br />City Attorney. Passed unanimously. <br /> <br />Item 10 - Report of the Borough Assemblymen: Clmr. Hardy reported 1. that <br />the new Seward School was paying increased insurnace premiums because of a <br />lac<<of fire hydrants in the immediate vicinity: 2. that sidewalks for the <br />school would be installed in the spring, 3. that the gym floor will be re- <br />finished by the contractor: 4. that the Borough now has major maintenance <br />responsibility for all schools and 5. that the next Assembly meeting will <br />be held in Seward on January 20,1970. <br /> <br />Item 11 - Adjournment: Clmr. Skinner moved to adjourn. Mayor Ullom adjourned <br />the meeting at 11:02 P. M. <br /> <br />Li~.~ <br /> <br />I~es R. Filip <br />City Clerk-Treasurer <br /> <br />,d1~ WJ lLt!I~ <br /> <br />William M. Ullom, Mayor <br /> <br />Regular Meeting of January 26, 1970 <br /> <br />Item 1 - The Regular Meeting of the Common Council of the City of Seward, Alaska, <br />for January 26,1970 was called to order by Mayor Ullom at 7:32 P.M. <br /> <br />Item 2 - The Opening Ceremony was led by Clmr. Hichardson <br /> <br />Item 3 - Roll was called and those present were Mayor Ullom, Clmr"s Richardson, <br />McCloud, Hardy, Skinner and Hulm. <br /> <br />