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<br />City of Seward, Alaska <br />July 9, 2007 <br /> <br />City Council Minutes <br />Volume 37, Page380 <br /> <br />CALL TO ORDER <br /> <br />.... <br /> <br />The July 9, 2007 regular meeting ofthe Seward City Council was called to order at 7:30 p.m. <br />by Mayor Vanta Shafer. <br /> <br />OPENING CEREMONY <br /> <br />Police Chief Tom Clemons led the pledge of allegiance to the flag. <br /> <br />ROLL CALL <br /> <br />There were present: <br />Vanta Shafer presiding and <br />Willard Dunham <br />Bob Valdatta <br />Jean Bardarson <br /> <br />Linda Amberg <br />Steve Schafer <br />Robert Thomas <br /> <br />comprising a quorum of the Council; and <br /> <br />Phillip Oates, City Manager <br />Johanna Dollerhide, Assistant City Clerk <br /> <br />.... <br /> <br />ABSENT - None <br /> <br />CITIZENS' COMMENTS ON ANY SUBJECT EXCEPT THOSE ITEMS SCHEDULED <br />FOR PUBLIC HEARING <br /> <br />John French, stated the Prince William Sound (PWS) contingency plan was in the public <br />comment stage and up for its five year review. He encouraged anyone to look at the website and <br />assist with preparing responses to this plan. He had hoped for a more detailed response plan for <br />outside Prince William Sound and downstream oil spill prevention and response. <br /> <br />, <br />Brad Snowden, spoke on the moratorium resolution about the property across the bay. He <br />still wanted to purchase this land and mentioned that the Seward Planning and Zoning Commission <br />had voted unanimously to allow this. He was well aware of the expense ahead of him. <br /> <br />Randolf Westphal was a world traveling cyclist and cancer survivor who traveled and spoke <br />of overcoming obstacles in life. Westphal spoke at colleges and would be willing to speak to the <br />public in Seward. He participated in the Fourth of July parade and would speak to any group that <br />wanted to listen while he was in town. <br /> <br />APPROVAL OF AGENDA AND CONSENT AGENDA <br /> <br />- <br /> <br />Motion (Thomas/Bardarson) <br /> <br />Approval of Agenda and Consent Agenda <br />