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City ofSeward,Alaska City Council Minutes <br /> March 9, 2015 Volume 39, Page 486 <br /> CALL TO ORDER <br /> The March 9, 2015 regular meeting of the Seward City Council was called to order at 7:00 <br /> p.m. by Mayor Jean Bardarson. <br /> OPENING CEREMONY <br /> Lieutenant Doreen Valadez led the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag. <br /> ROLL CALL <br /> - There were present: <br /> Jean Bardarson presiding and Marianna Keil <br /> Ristine Casagranda Christy Terry <br /> David Squires Dale Butts <br /> Iris Darling <br /> comprising a quorum of the Council; and <br /> Ron Long, Assistant/Acting City Manager <br /> Eric Wohlforth, City Attorney <br /> Will Earnhart, City Attorney <br /> Johanna Kinney, City Clerk <br /> Absent—None <br /> CITIZEN COMMENTS ON ANY SUBJECT EXCEPT THOSE ITEMS SCHEDULED FOR <br /> PUBLIC HEARING <br /> Bill Hearn spoke on the drug and alcohol policy resolution before the council tonight. He <br /> stated only hiring or rehiring employees not using marijuana in the last 30 days did not ensure a safe <br /> and productive drug free environment. Hearn shared that he was first hired by the United States <br /> Postal Service in 1967 on a seasonal interim. He was hired a total of six times until he joined the <br /> postal service full time in 1979. Hearn stated he would have never passed a drug test for marijuana <br /> during any of these hiring periods. When he retired in 2005, he had accrued over one year of sick <br /> leave,and he was never hurt or injured on the job. Hearn felt revising the policy was not in the best <br /> interest of the city; he hoped council didn't rubber stamp this resolution tonight. He reminded <br /> council that the voters of Seward passed the ballot measure to legalize the use of recreational <br /> marijuana. <br /> Jody Tuck, Chair of the Seward Recreation Committee,thanked the council for increasing <br /> their number of members to seven.Tuck reported on three different action teams the committee was <br /> working on: 1) improvement of the community events calendar, 2) bringing an ice rink to Seward, <br /> and 3)winter recreation and promoting Seward.Tuck stated since the community event calendar was <br /> now successfully launched through the Chamber, that action team would likely disband; however <br />