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<br />r- <br /> <br />CITY Of SEWARD <br /> <br />GATEWAY TO INTERIOR ALASKA <br /> <br />SEWARD, ALASKA <br /> <br />Jil.; ~ t ql 'Ii>r ...- .i ~ <br /> <br />BB IT RBSOLVBD BY THE COWON COUNOIL OF' THB OITY OP SRlARDJ ALASU <br /> <br />That Tho... B. Bourne A.sociate. of Alaska are, hereby, authorized <br />to prepare prel1ainary plans, outline specifications, cost estimates <br />and technical data pertinent to application by the Oity of Seward, <br />Alaska, to the Ala.ka Public lork. for the construction of e high <br />scbool build1ns. It i. understood tbat no obligation will exist <br />on tbe part of the City of Seward to Thomas B. Bourne A..ociete. <br />of Ala.ka by tbi. action, but that the City of Seward will duly <br />proce.. the .pplication referred to, tberein recommending to the <br />Alaaka Public Work. that Thoma. Bo Bourne A..ociate. of Alaska be <br />retained tor arohitectural .ervice. when and if an allot.ent is <br />_de for the project. 0 ., , <br /> <br /> <br />~~~~ 1~r <br />Bug 10 Lanier, Mayor <br />C1 of Seward, Ala.ka <br /> <br />Attest <br />~~J t~~ <br />Sigrid Stearn., City Clerk <br />