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<br />r <br /> <br />Rm>LUTION NO. 62 <br /> <br />A RESa.UTION TO fmJUT THE QUESTION OF A FRANQUSE TO THE <br />S~ARD COMMIJNITY 'N, INC., TO THE .I1.rx::TORS OF THE CITY OF <br />S~ARD. <br /> <br />WHEREAS the eo.aon Council hae approTed an Aqre"ll.t between <br />the City of Seward and Seward CcPmuni ty TV, Inc., that the City <br />of Seward shadd q1ve a franchie. to the said Seward Coam1mity <br />TV, Ina., for the purpose ot installation of equipment or the <br />furnishing of tel8'1ision reception to the residents of the Seward <br />area, Na-l T~E, <br /> <br />BE IT REfDLVED m THE (])MK)N OOUNCIL OF THE CI'lY OF <br />S&lARD, ALA6[A: <br /> <br />..- <br /> <br />That the question of whether or not the City of Seward <br />should enter into an AqreeIll81\t with the Seward CclaPw.nity TV, Ino., <br />whereby said Seward CoJmmmity TV, Inc., is extended a franchise for <br />a period of ten (10) years with the option of ren_al for a like <br />period to us. the utility poles awned or oontrolled by the City <br />of Seward for the purpose of installation of equipnent or the <br />furnishing of hleTbion reception to the residents of the Seward <br />area upon tellll8 and oandi tions according to the Agreement on file <br />in the ct tice of the City Clerk, mall be sulni tted to the eleotors <br />of Seward, Ala.ka. at a speoial election on the 24th day of August. <br />1954 and the City Clerk is hereby authorized and instruoted to <br />post a notioe of .aid speoial election in three public places <br />wi thin the City of Seward in acoordanoe with the proTisions of the <br />ordinano.s of the City and in addition thereto speoifying the names <br />of the judges and clerks of said eleotion as follows: <br /> <br />Judges of Election: <br /> <br />L. Russell Clapp (Inspeotor) <br />Mildred E. Kirkpatrick <br />Eda. Myers <br /> <br />Clerks: <br /> <br />Bonnylin Southard <br />,Lenore Robbins <br /> <br />Dated this 22nd day of July, 1954. <br /> <br />Q~ <br /> <br />Aoting MaY::!V- ' <br /> <br />1 ~::.i,~ ~ 4-j~ <br />Ci ty rk <br />