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City of Seward, Alaska <br />January 4, 1993 City Volume 29, Page 18 <br />Dave W. Crane, presiding, and <br />Louis Bencardino Hugh Darling <br />James Krasnansky Bruce Sieminski <br />Karen A. Swartz Dale White <br />comprising a quorum of the Council; and <br />Darryl Schaefermeyer, City Manager <br />Michael Yanez, Assistant City Manager <br />Linda S. Murphy, City Clerk <br />4. APPROVAL OF SPECIAL MEETING AGENDA <br />White moved to approve the Special Meeting Agenda as presented; the motion <br />was seconded by Bencardino. <br />Sieminski objected to discussion of the city manager's contract and scope of <br />services in the planned executive session. Crane stated that this issue could be resolved <br />at the time a motion was made to meet in executive session under "Special Items" <br />(below). <br />The question was called, and the agenda was approved without objection. <br />5. CITIZENS' COMMENTS ON AGENDA ITEMS NOT SCHEDULED FOR <br />PUBLIC HEARING <br />BRAD SNOWDEN, 525 Sixth Avenue, stated that he was ashamed of the Council <br />and some segments of the community for its actions to hurt and discredit the city <br />manager. He reminded the Council that it had expended tax dollars to search for a city <br />manager and relocate him from Florida to Seward a couple of years ago, and that <br />relationship had not worked out. Snowden stated that the Council had then, once again, <br />turned to Schaefermeyer and asked him to take over as city manager. He said that the <br />action before the Council at this time was motivated by "coffee shop talk" and came from <br />a very small segment of the community. Snowden also stated that leadership was not <br />a necessary attribute in the city manager, and leadership could come from any member <br />of the Council or from a source outside of city government. <br />ANNIE MARTIN, 605 Sixth Avenue, stated that it would be a grave mistake to <br />sever the tie between the Council and the city manager at this time. She stated that <br />Schaefermeyer had worked hard during his tenure as city manager and had always done <br />what he felt was in the best interest of the community. <br />DON ENNIS, 1904 Forget Me Not Circle, asked the Council to look at the current <br />state of affairs within the city. He stated that there had been no increase in business or <br />the creation of jobs under Schaefermeyer's leadership and that litigation over the past <br />