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City of Seward, Alaska City Council Minutes <br />January 8, 2001 Volume 35 Page 354 <br />Call to order <br />The January 8, 2001, regular meeting of the Seward City Council was called to order at 7:30 <br />p.m. by Mayor Edgar Blatchford. <br />Opening ceremony <br />Police Chief Chapman led the pledge of allegiance to the flag. <br />Roll call <br />There were present: <br />Edgar Blatchford presiding, and <br />David Brossow Michael Calhoon <br />Stu Clark Jerry King <br />Vanta Shafer <br />comprising a quorum of the Council; and <br />Scott Janke, City Manager <br />Brad Meyen, City Attorney <br />Patrick Reilly, City Clerk <br />Absent <br />Nathan Orr <br />Special orders, presentations and reports. On behalf of the Seward Polar Bear Jumpoff <br />Festival, Jeanette Kimes introduced Suzie the Sea Otter, Pete the Polar Bear, and Noreen <br />Alexander. Kimes proceeded to give an explanation of the Festival and stated that this was the 16 <br />year for the Polar Bear Jump -off. Some of the upcoming events include holding a bachelor - <br />bachelorette auction, waiter /waitress contest, oyster slurping contest, karaoke contest, bed making <br />contest, chili cook -off, quilt show and a street parade. Kimes thanked the Seward Community for <br />its support throughout the years and concluded by outlining the amount of moneythat. ha's been raised <br />for the American Cancer Society and for the Kenai Peninsula Children with4' Get Program, <br />Proclamations and Awards. None. <br />Borough Assembly Report. Janke stated that Assembly Memb6r Ron Long was unable to <br />give this report because he was in Anchorage testifying in opposition to shellfish regulations proposed <br />by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game. <br />