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740 <br /> City of Seward,Alaska City Council Minutes <br /> January 13, 1997 Volume 32, Page 240 <br /> ROLL CALL <br /> There were present: <br /> Louis A. Bencardino, presiding, and <br /> Margaret Anderson Edgar Blatchford <br /> Stirrat (Stu) Clark Dave W. Crane <br /> Marianna Keil Jerry F. King <br /> comprising a quorum of the Council; and <br /> Ronald A. Garzini, City Manager <br /> Michael Yanez, Deputy City Manager <br /> Eric Wohlforth, City Attorney <br /> Linda S. Murphy, City Clerk <br /> SPECIAL ORDERS AND PUBLIC HEARINGS <br /> Borough Assembly Report. Kenai Peninsula Borough Assembly representative Mike Wiley <br /> gave a brief report of the January 7, 1997 assembly meeting. <br /> City Manager's Report. Garzini distributed a memorandum addressing several harbor related <br /> issues that had been raised by Councilmember Anderson. He also noted that he intended to move <br /> forward with plans to build a new ballfield in cooperation with the Seward Little League Association <br /> using $130,000 in recently received Chugach Electric capital credits and funds remaining in the Youth <br /> Center Renovation Account. There was no objection from Council regarding the use of these funds; <br /> however, Clark objected to placing the field away from the city center. Keil pointed out that parents <br /> preferred moving the ballfields to a less congested area such as the one identified by Garzini. Garzini <br /> stated that he would meet with Little League President Jerry Fleetwood and would bring a contract <br /> and plan back to the Council for public input and Council consideration. <br /> Clark asked if Kent Dawson's contract to lobby for a private prison facility in Anchorage <br /> would create a conflict with respect to his contract with the City. Garzini stated that he did not see <br /> a conflict in this situation and assured Council that Dawson's primary allegiance was to the City of <br /> Seward. <br /> Clark noted a letter to the Council from Don Cripps objecting to remarks made by Garzini <br /> at the January 8 meeting of the Planning Commission. Clark stated that he had also been in <br /> attendance and agreed with Cripps' assessment that Garzini's comments were arrogant and outside <br /> the scope of his authority as city manager. Garzini distributed a verbatim transcript of his remarks <br /> and stated that he did not feel that any of the comments were arrogant. He stated that the City's <br /> primary responsibility was public safety and he viewed the requested hospital helispot as a public <br /> safety issue. He apologized to anyone who may have found his remarks to be out of line and stated <br /> that it was not his intent to be arrogant. At King's request, Murphy read the Garzini transcript. In <br />