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<br />L <br /> <br />Sponsored by: Staff <br /> <br />CITY OF SEWARD, ALASKA <br />HISTORIC PRESERVATION COMMISSION <br />RESOLUTION 2006-07 <br /> <br />A RESOLUTION OF THE SEWARD HISTORIC PRESERVATION <br />COMMISSION, DIRECTING THE ADMINISTRATION TO <br />PLACE THE HOBEN PARK INTERPRETIVE PANEL <br /> <br />WHEREAS, an interpretive panel describing Hoben Park has been fabricated and <br />is ready to be placed; and <br /> <br />WHEREAS, an appropriate location should be selected and not moved once <br />placed; and <br /> <br />WHEREAS, it is the intent of the overall Hoben Park project to restore the park <br />to its period of historic significance, approximately I 920s to 1940s, and it is appropriate <br />to carefully consider the placement of the interpretive panel. <br /> <br />L <br /> <br />NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED BY THE HISTORIC <br />PRESERVATION COMMISSION OF THE CITY OF SEWARD, ALASKA that: <br /> <br />I <br />I <br />I <br /> <br />I <br /> <br />Section 1. The Historic Preservation Commission does prefer to spot the panel outside <br />the west wall of Hoben Park on the Alaska SeaLife Center. <br /> <br />Section 2. This resolution shall take affect immediately upon its adoption. <br /> <br />PASSED AND APPROVED by the Historic Preservation Commission of the City of <br />Seward, Alaska, this 15th day of November, 2006. <br /> <br />THE CITY OF SEWARD <br /> <br />Historic Preservation Commission <br /> <br />L <br /> <br />S~c-.... \.::::: CIV~ <br />Shannon Kovac, Chair <br />