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r... <br />Sponsored by: Osttes <br />CITY' OF SF.WARD, ALASKA <br />HIS'T'ORIC PRESERVATION COMMISSION <br />RESOLI;T(ON 2007-05 <br />A RESOLUTION OF THE SEWARD HISTORIC YRF.SF.RVATION <br />COMDiI`SiON, RECOMMF,NDINC 1'HE CITY COUNCIL REQUEST <br />STA'1'r: DF,SIGNATION FOR TIIE CITY OF SCWAIiI) AS TIIE MURA1. <br />CAYI'I'AT. OF ALASKA <br />WHEREAS, the Seward Mural Sucicty hat produced and displayed tune murals to dart <br />wider the supervision of master artists Jennifer I leadtke, 'fim Sezawinski. Jeannie Shirk, Sustur <br />Swiderski, Jon Van Lyle, Tom Misscl and (fail Niehruggc; and <br />WHEREAS, a goal of the Seward Mural Society is to product a minimum ul' one mtljor <br />mural per year, maintain the e?cisting murals and possibly add some smaller murals; and <br />WHF;RF.AS, the Seward Mural Society has specific themes planned for for next fiveyears; <br />and <br />WHEREAS, "Remembering kri! (_;larier' by lot3f artist Dot Bardarson is neuin): <br />~ completion as lht nuirnl of 2007; and <br />WHEREAS, F.d Tussey will be the Master Artist fnr ZW8, designing s mural <br />commemorating the 100'" yeaz of the National Park Service; and <br />bVHERf+'AS, the SewazJ Mural Society has plans ai produce a mural representing the SO <br />years of Statchand and/or 45 ycxrs since the 1964 );arthquake; and <br />W'iIFREAS, a continuing goof of [he Seward Mural Sociuy is to enhance the yuafity of life <br />in Seward and to increase. the number of visitors, many of whom come specifically to view and enjoy <br />the murals; and <br />WHEREAS, a primary goal ol'tttc Deward Mural Stx:icty is to have Se;wurd designated as the <br />Mural Capital of Alt~ska; and <br />WHEREAS, by obtaining C'iry and State designation as Mural Capital of Alaska, it would <br />greatly increase the grant writing possibilities and potentials in obtaining grant funding for the <br />Seward Mural Society. <br /> <br />