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Spon~nrcd hy: Capro <br />~.. <br />CITY OF SEWARD, ALASKA <br />HISTURIC PRESERVATION COMMISSION <br />ItESOLU'I'ION 2W8-0I <br />A RESOLUTION OF THF. SF.WARD HISTORIC PRESERVATION <br />COMMISSION, SUPPORTING THE ALASKA HISTORICAL SOCIETY IN <br />THE CONCERN FOR TILE ALASKA COLLECTION OF THE SHELUON <br />JACKSON COLLEGE STRATTON LIBRARY <br />WHF.RF.AS, the Alaska Historical Society is the statewide organisation dedicated to the history <br />of all people of Alaska; and <br />WHEREAS, Sheldon Jackson College, ibtmded in 1878, has been dedicated to lifelong learning <br />and collection of primary resources for future generations; and <br />WHEREAS, on Jura 29, 2007 all academic operations, at the college, were suspended and all <br />faculty and staff were dismissed due to cash flow shortages; and <br />WHF,RE AS, the Alaska collection of the Sheldon Jackson college Stratton Library is important <br />to the understanding and interpreting of Alaska history; and <br />WHEREAS, the library• has 48,000 items in its collection with over ] 0 percent of all material <br />being directly related to Alaska's history, including many first edition books and rare periodicals; and <br />WHEREAS, the collection is of great historical value to the community of Sitka as well as to <br />nscarchcrs across the state; and <br />WHEREAS, historical records, lx~oks and photographs are a community's most valuable <br />historical documents; and <br />WHEREAS, the collection contains many uniyue anJ irreplaceable materials such as the C'. L. <br />Andrews Collection, the E. W. Merrell photographs and the Ester Billman manuscripts; and <br />W HEREAS, donors to the library, have entrusted their family collections and retmrels to be kept <br />safe and made available for funtre generations. <br />NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the Seward Historic Preservation Commission <br />that: <br />