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Sponsored hr: Staff <br />.... C[TY OF SEWARD, :1LASKA <br />H1S'1'URlt' YKESERI'ATIUN COMMISSION <br />KESOLUTION 2(108-02 <br />:1 RESOLUTION OT TIIE SEWARU HISI-URIC' YRESN;RVATIUN <br />C'UMAiISSIUN, RENEWING "1'HF: SFWARD HISTORICAL LECTURE <br />SERIES (FIRCSIDE CHATS) AND REQUESTING THE SUYYUR'I' OH' <br />THE SEWARll Cl'1'Y COUNCIL N'UR'1'HN; YRO.IF.('T <br />R'HF.RF.AS, the Seward [listoric Preservation Cvmmission initiated the First Friday <br />Fireside I Iislurical Lcclurc Series (Fireside Chats) during the ~tl(l i-20t1J winter: and <br />R'IIEREAS, the Cvmmissiun wurkcd to Ivstcr a forum for presenting and preserving the <br />lxrsvual historical accounts of local residents through the Fireside Chats; and <br />W'HEKEAS, the Fireside Chats were very well anended and enjoyed by the public: and <br />1'1'HEREAS. the Cvnunissivn held a work session vn .lanuarv 9, 200R to discuss and plan <br />I the renewal of the Fireside Chats; and <br />L <br />WHEREAS. the Cvnunissivn requests the support of Seward City Council in the <br />renewal of the Fireside I listorical Lecture Series (Fireside Chats). <br />Kl)~i'. THF.RF.FORF., I3F. IT RESOLVED by the Seward liisWric Yrescrvatiun <br />Commis~ivn that: <br />Section I. The Commission hereby renews the historical Lecture Series (Fireside <br />('hat~t. <br />Section 2. 1'hc Conmtission requests the approval of Seward City Council to move <br />fotu~ard with the development of the !listorical Lecture Series (Fireside Chats). <br />Section 3. This resolution shall take effect immediately upon its adoption. <br /> <br />