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CITY OF SEWARD, ALASKA <br />HISTURIC YRESERV.4TIUN CUMMISSION <br />RF.SOi.L'TION 200A-113 <br />Sponsored by: Staff <br />A RESOLUTION OF TiH: SEWARD HISTORIC PRESERVATION <br />COMMISSIUN, SELECTING "ALASKA, SU-YEARS OF S'I'A"I'EHOOU" <br />AS THF. COMMISSION PROJECT FOR NATIONAL IIISTORIC <br />PRESERVATION MONTH OF MAY 2W8; ANll REQUESTING CITY <br />COUNCIL SUPPORT FOR THE PROJECT <br />WHEREAS, National Preservation Month, May 2008, is cospunson;d by the State of <br />Alaska, Alaska Association for Historic Preservation and the National Trust for Historic <br />Preservation; and <br />WHEREAS, the Seward Historic Preservation Commission Geld a worF: session on <br />January 9, 2008 and selected "Alaska- 50-years oi' Statehood" focusing on the n;newcd Fire Side <br />Chats as the local celebration project for National Preservation Month during the moth of May <br />2008; and <br />~. WHl/REAS, the Commission plans to im~olve the local students, educators, civic <br />organi7~tions, State and local public figures and Ute general public in the celebration; and <br />WHEREAS, the citizens of Seward realize the significance of historic preservation in the <br />community. <br />VO'1M1', THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the Sewani Historic 1'roservation <br />Commi»ion Otal: <br />Section 1. The Commission hereby designates "Alaska, 50-years of Statehood" as the <br />local celebration project fur National Preservation Month, May 2008. <br />lion 2, I7~c Commission reyucsts the approval of Seward City Council to mm~e <br />forward with the development of "Alaska, SO-yeazs of Statehood" focusing on the May Fire Side <br />Chats as the Icx:al celebration project Cur National Preservation Matth, May 2008. <br />Section 3. This ttisulution shall lake etTect itttmcdiately upon its adoption. <br />