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Sponsored by: Oates <br />SEWARD CITY COUNCIL <br />RESOLUTION 2009-064 <br />A RESOLUTION OF THE SEWARD CITY COUNCIL RECOMMENDING <br />KENAI PENINSULA BOROUGH APPROVAL OF THE CITY OWNED <br />LOTS 1-6, BLOCK 8, SEWARD ORIGINAL TOWNSITE, LIBRARY <br />REPEAT, LOCATED AT THE SOUTHWEST CORNER OF ADAMS <br />STREET & SIXTH AVENUE <br />WHEREAS, administration hired Cline and Associates Land Surveyors to prepare a replat of <br />city-owned property described as Lots 1-6, Block 8, Original Townsite of Seward, into a single <br />parcel; and <br />WHEREAS, Lots 1-6, Block 8, Original Townsite of Seward were purchase in preparation <br />for the proposed new Library/Museum Facility; and <br />WHEREAS, the replat vacates the interior lot lines of Lots 1-6, Block 8, Original Townsite <br />of Seward creating one lot approximately 17,90 square feet, to be known as Lot lA, Block 8, <br />Original Townsite of Seward; and <br />WHEREAS, the property is zoned Central Business District (CBD); and <br />WHEREAS, the new lot meets the minimum lot size and width requirement of the Seward <br />City Code; and <br />WHEREAS, the property is served by existing public utilities and developed streets, and <br />therefore meets all of the requirements of the Seward Subdivision Code; and <br />WHEREAS, the existing structures located on this property are currently vacant and planned <br />to be demolished in preparation for the new Library/Museum project; and <br />WHEREAS, at their July 7, 2009 meeting the Planning and Zoning Commission approved <br />Resolution 2009-17 recommending the City Council and the Kenai Peninsula Borough approve the <br />Seward Original Townsite, Library Replat, subject to certain conditions; and <br />WHEREAS, the Subdivision Code 16.01.015 (B) stipulates that no preliminary plat ofcity- <br />owned property may be submitted to the Kenai Peninsula Borough planning commission for <br />approval without prior consent of the city council. <br />