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Sponsored by: Oates <br />CITY OF SEWARD, ALASKA <br />RESOLUTION 2009-067 <br />A RESOLUTION OF THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF SEWARD, <br />ALASKA, AUTHORIZING THE CITY MANAGER TO ENTER INTO AN <br />AGREEMENT WITH TRANSPAC MARINAS, INC. TO PROVIDE TIMBER <br />FLOATS FOR THE SEWARD SMALL BOAT HARBOR EAST HARBOR <br />EXPANSION PROJECT (Z FLOAT) FOR AN AMOUNT NOT TO EXCEED <br />$704,8] 7.00, AND APPROPRIATING FUNDS <br />WHEREAS, on December 10, 2007, the City of Seward Council approved Resolution 2007- <br />134 and authorized the City Manager to proceed with Phase 3 of the East Harbor Expansion Project <br />including design, bid support, and engineering services for Z float in the small boat harbor; and <br />WHEREAS, Resolution 2007-134 also authorized the City Manager to accept a grant in the <br />amount of $1 million from the Denali Commission for Phase 3 of the East Harbor Expansion <br />Project; and <br />WHEREAS, the City of Seward issued a Request for Bids to construct and deliver timber <br />floats for the East Harbor Expansion Project (Z Float); and <br />WHEREAS, as a result of the competitive bid process, Transpac Marinas, Inc. was <br />deternlined be the lowest responsible bidder with a bid of $612,884.00; and <br />WHEREAS, the City of Seward has had a positive experience working with floats <br />constructed by Transpac Marinas, lnc. in previous harbor construction projects, and the <br />administration recommends approval of a Z float procurement contract with Transpac Marinas, Inc. <br />NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED BY THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY <br />OF SEWARD, ALASKA, that: <br />Section 1. The City Manager is authorized to enter into an agreement in substantially the <br />form as attached hereto to purchase timber floats for Z float with Transpac Marinas, hlc. of <br />Anacortes, Washington for the bid amount of $612,884.00. <br />Section 2. Funding for this contract in the amount of $704, 817.00 (the bid amount of <br />$612,884.00, plus a 15°/v contingency) is hereby appropriated from the Denali Commission Grant <br />account number 274-2745-4680-0100 to the Infrastructure account no. 274-2745-5925. Said <br />contingency can be utilized only upon prior written approval of the city manager. <br />Section 3. This resolution shall take effect immediately after adoption. <br />