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Sponsored by: Oates <br /> CITY OF SEWARD, ALASKA <br /> RESOLUTION 2010 -027 <br /> A RESOLUTION OF THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF SEWARD, <br /> ALASKA, AUTHORIZING THE CITY MANAGER TO MAKE AN <br /> ADDITION TO THE FORT RAYMOND GENERATOR PROJECT NOT TO <br /> EXCEED THE AMOUNT OF $265,000 TO CONNECT AND COMMISSION <br /> GENERATOR N2 <br /> WHEREAS, the scope of the original project changed to not connect or commission <br /> generator N2; and <br /> WHEREAS, additional funds were allocated in the 2010 and 2011 budget to continue work <br /> on the Fort Raymond generator project after the initial scope of work was completed; and <br /> WHEREAS, the cost to use Unit Company to connect and commission generator N2 will be <br /> less than hiring additional contractors or rehiring Unit Company to come back at a later date and <br /> complete the work; and <br /> WHEREAS, not proceeding ahead at this time will delay connecting and commissioning <br /> generator N2 until the next winter season; and <br /> WHEREAS, with both generators N1 and N2 online the electric department can start making <br /> preparations to move generators 4 and 5 from arctic packs into the new building. <br /> NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED BY THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY <br /> OF SEWARD, ALASKA that: <br /> Section 1. the City Manager is authorized to make a change order to the contract with Unit <br /> Company for the Fort Raymond generator project in the amount of $265,000 for connecting and <br /> commissioning generator N2. <br /> Section 2. This resolution shall take affect immediately upon its adoption. <br /> PASSED AND APPROVED by the City Council of the City of Seward, Alaska, this 22n day of <br /> March, 2010. <br />