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Sponsored by: Hunt <br /> CITY OF SEWARD, ALASKA <br /> RESOLUTION 2012 -071 <br /> A RESOLUTION OF THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF SEWARD, <br /> ALASKA RECOMMENDING KENAI PENINSULA BOROUGH APPROVAL <br /> OF THE FOREST ACRES SUBDIVISION LEVEE REPLAT; CREATING <br /> FOUR (4) PARCELS; VACATING UNDEVELOPED RIGHTS -OF —WAY AND <br /> UTILITY EASEMENTS WHILE DEDICATING NEW RIGHTS -OF -WAY <br /> AND UTILITY EASEMENTS; LOCATED NORTH AND SOUTH OF THE <br /> NORTH FOREST ACRES LEVEE AND PREDOMINATELY WITHIN THE <br /> RESOURCE MANAGEMENT ZONING DISTRICT <br /> WHEREAS, administration hired Cline and Associates Land Surveyors to prepare a <br /> preliminary plat to be known as Forest Acres Subdivision, Levee Replat; and <br /> WHEREAS, this platting action will vacate interior lot lines, undeveloped Rights -of -Way, <br /> and undeveloped utility easements creating four (4) parcels totaling 54.59 acres; and <br /> WHEREAS, this platting action will dedicate additional lands to Lot B1 as per the <br /> Settlement Agreement approved by City Council in Resolution 2012 -025; and <br /> WHEREAS, this platting action will dedicate additional right -of -way for Dieckgraeff Road <br /> and cul -de -sac rights -of -Way for Laurel, Spruce and Fir Streets; and <br /> WHEREAS, Cline and Associates has worked diligently with City staff to protect and <br /> provide easements for existing and planned utilities throughout the replat area; and <br /> WHEREAS, City staff have reviewed, commented and support the proposed Forest Acres <br /> Levee Replat; and <br /> WHEREAS, the vast majority of the area included within this replat is currently zoned <br /> Resource Management (RM); approximately 1 acre is zoned Single Family (R1) and just under 2 <br /> acres is zoned Rural Residential (RR); this replat does not create any non - conforming structures or <br /> lots within the current zoning districts; and <br /> WHEREAS, no subdivision installation agreement is necessary because Tracts 5A and 5C <br /> are subject to undevelopable restrictive covenant; Tract 5B is a large 6 acre parcel and Lot B u s <br /> governed by a settlement agreement signed by Council Resolution 2012 -025; and <br /> WHEREAS, it is the Planning and Zoning Commission's responsibility to act in an advisory <br /> capacity to the Seward City Council and the Kenai Peninsula Borough regarding subdivision plat <br /> .., proposals; and <br />